Not getting listed in current shares

  • I switched pools earlier today due to poor network quality with my first pool.

    I have mined a while for this pool now and I see that I find deadlines and they get submitted, but I am not getting my account name on the current shares list for the blocks that I find deadlines on.

    I know my reward address has been put up correctly as I was shown on first submitted DL.
    while typing this post I see in historic that I received 1 DL to my name. But I know for a fact that I should have had many more registered to me.

    Are you only getting listed if you have a better deadline then the current best in the current shares view? or what is the deal ? I am not getting any of my dl's listed in current shares.

  • @Thedude what pool? your address?



    in example i just found 2 dl's on block 377091 one at 2d 23:42:40 and one at 0d 21:02:19

  • @Thedude i can see your name on historic shares so it means that your DL is submitting without a problem.
    when you submit a DL it doesnt matter even if you submit 100 DL, only the best DL will be considered.

  • I know its just my best dl that counts, but I am finding DL's maybe every second or third block, but in the historic view it only shows 2, and I never see my name on the current share list eventhou I have confirmed DL's sent.
    while typing this I had 1 confirmed dl on the previous block and one in this block 377099.
    but I am still not getting on the current shares list.

  • @Thedude i dont get this part?

    @Thedude said in Not getting listed in current shares:

    but in the historic view it only shows 2

  • The historic shares is showing 2d + 0
    does that mean that it has only registered 2 of my dl's ?
    or is it only counting blocks where the pool won ? and my position for that block specific block?

  • @Thedude 0_1498925896358_thedude.png

    do you mean this 2D?

    this 2D means you earned 2 burst as of the moment but havent paid yet.

    the number after the "+" sign means your earnings in that pool since you started mining in that pool, sometimes in other pool you will see it as xxP where xx=number of burst earn since day 1 you mine in that pool.

    and sometimes you'll see xxU where xx = number of burst earn and paid but waiting for confirmation.
    and sometimes but rarely, youll see xxQ meaning payment is on queue.

  • oh.. that explains that part 🙂 thanks.

    still wondering why my dl's is not showing in the current shares list thou. should have had one there on this block 377106 as well on 1d 07:46:56 hmm.. guess I just have to wait and see what happens.

  • @Thedude i really dont know why your DL is not appearing in current shares as i havent experience that before. you can just transfer to other pool if you want. too many pools to choose from. goodluck