Surprising amount of people in crypto currencies with thin skin. You shouldnt leave your living room. The world outside is worse than your computer screen.

  • In the most recent example I can find this person can sit in front of a computer.. read charts.. organize development come up with assets build huge rigs do videos and be very proud of their accomplishments but the second someone calls them a name or dislikes what he are doing or threatens a family member .. he decide to run to another coin and make major complaints on the way out (while holding a bag full of other peoples money the same people who had faith in you)

    I have been threatened my entire life off the computer and on and I never once ran. Except for the damn clown at the circus when I was 7. i hate clowns. i consider his make up and animal balloons a threat to my existence but that is my problem not a Burst forum problem.

    Grow a set of balls and if you are concerned for your family call the authorities.. Don't bitch out and steal peoples money/coin. The same people who believed in you and in the most recent case and example i will use, gave you a second chance to redeem yourself.

    It really irks me that someone can be so smart and show so much promise but have extremely thin skin..
    Didn't your mother tell you that crypto currency isnt for the faint of heart.........? No one feels bad for you.

    You people ( more than one) are way better than this..
    Do you not want your children to brag about their father at school, "My dad is as tough as nails" but instead may hear things like "My mom changed the flat tire because my dad said it called him names"

    9 out of the 10 brain cells i have left told me to not publish this. Just stay out of it @Darindarin. It is none of your business anyway you arent affected so keep quite.. haha nahh..

    My last brain cell is a tough motherfcker and could care less. Call me names threaten my girlfriends life.. I am no burst lifer but i sure as hell am not going to run to my mother.

    You do more damage to yourself leaving ( with other peoples money and equipment) then ever would have happened to you if you stayed. I believe that to be a fact. Hope all that burst can help pay some legal battles.

    I do not have any ties to any of what is going on with people leaving. I did not lose money. It is deeper than that. People need to know that if you cannot take the stress you should not get involved in a decentralized currency organizing peoples money from around the world. If anyone steals from their neighbor they deserve what is coming to them whether the flat tire called you a name or not.

    If you cannot tell i woke up today disgusted and now its time for coffee.

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    @darindarin Well said.

  • @haitch a little wordy but thank you. i am not sorry if anyone is offended...

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    @darindarin I'm not offended. Crow needs to grow a set, deal with threats via the authorities, and treat his investors decently instead of screwing them over.

  • @haitch he is just an example.. this play is used way too often and i fear will always be an escape route...

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    @darindarin Not the first, won't be the last, but the most egregious to date.

  • I really hope he changes his thoughts and reconsiders. He has pissed off a tremendous amount of people. They are not just going to forget what happened.

    Unfortunately, he may have created an army of people that will follow him where ever he goes in crypto. They will warn everyone and anyone about his past.

  • @darindarin Like you I have not lost money on this occasion, but I am a poor miner that there are days that I give more burst to new users than I produce and without asking anything to anyone and it bothers me a lot that someone to try to save their reputation Try throwing shit against the currency and you also have the luxury of saying that if you say what I want, I'll listen to you and if I do not like you I'll kick you out, that if it were a country it would be a dictatorship