People, anyone can put videos on YOUTUBE...!!!!!!!!!!

  • Read this, teach this, repeat this again and again with your friends...

    Share videos about BurstCoins, make videos like markting videos about how can make money buy mining, or trading burst coin, we all together have to teach te people about the new age of cryptocurrencies... Anyone can mine this coin,... Share in facebook the videos you make about this, share, share, share, to anyone you have in your list contacts, if we all together do this in about 2/ 3 months we have more 2000 or 3000 wallets created by day,.. when this happen we are in the good way to make some new millionares in our countrys... people do you agree with me?????

    Who see one video in youtube and start doing this????

    Repeat that process but in your language... We have to do that... The world have to see how green is to mining burst coin, we can put this coin in the TOP 1 of cryptocurrencies Coins,.. You can be the new millionar in your neighborhood when this coin reach only 1 or 2 dolars each... Can you believ it???? Just Do it

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