Network size doubled in a month (June) - is it too late, to jump in?

  • I'm planning to run a 450tb in a month or so. Currently at 60tb.
    So need to make a calculations for a few investors and i as i can see, network size doubled in 30 days, so earnings lowerd for more then 60%.

    On May 19 2017 - Base target: 701207 - Network size 19 709tb
    On June 30 2017 - Base target: 302401 - Network size 68 295tb

    Everyone saw this i think

    - 100TB Plotted Space = 66,515 Burstcoin in period of Apr 18th - May 19th 2017 (30 days).
    As for today its 60% lower

    Calculator on 19May:

    Today on 02 July:

    So what would be in the end of July 2017? If speed of network growth will be the same, i think there would be a lot of used HDDs on market 🙂

  • I was actually thinking the same thing....maybe I joined too late... 😮

  • There are different ways to look at it, and I'll share one...

    Burst is still in its beginnings. The price is expected to keep even though you may be mining less coin, the total value of what you're mining is going up.

    Mine 100 coins now per month for 1 cent each...
    Mine 10 coins in the future for 10 cents all of the other coins you still have from mining earlier.. Those 100 coins you were mining per month are now worth 10x as much.

  • @ryanw yes, sure you're right, but the price can't go up all the time without any real projects where coin is used.

    So, can you tell me where it's used or road map from developers?
    May be we all, as a community can do something usefull?

  • @Weasel I'm going to have to be honest and say that there is no good communication between development and the community. If someone would want to take that task upon themselves to communicate between the developers and everyone else...I think it would be greatly appreciated.

  • @ryanw that's what im talking about, sent few requests here to make a local website with FAQ, build new community and e.t.c. - no any answers.

    And ofcourse community/developers should think about Marketing, spreading the Idea.
    Technology is unique and "green" - as a digital marketer, i would say that there is a lot of potential inside Burst. But if nothing would be done in this way, we all can forget about it.

  • @Weasel We're on the same page. If you want someone to talk to about a local website, talk to @haitch . He has connection to many of the people working on Burst. And, he also runs these forums.

    I think another problem is lack of incentive for people to put in work...there is no big company behind everything here. For marketing, someone would need to take it upon themselves to do it....and what are the reasons for someone to do that?

    If someone could organize a group of marketers for Burst, it would be amazing. The people working on Burst now are not numerous, they need other people to step up and take control over other areas of development (community building, marketing, documentation, etc)

    @Weasel Maybe you are interested?

  • @ryanw sure, im very interested and motivated in spreading the idea and working as a part of a community/team.

    Im from Russia (Moscow), and can attract the attention of investors, developers, even projects from here or any other country (just need to dig deeper in technology for better understanding of it practical use).

    Also it would be great to involve pool holders and assets owners to become a part of this - they have direct interest in this.

  • @Weasel I think it would take a lot of work to get everyone involved, but worth doing. You would have to realize that getting just responses from people won't be easy, and getting them to participate will be hard as hell.

    Expect no results for awhile, but if you can get organized, it would be well worth it.

    Take some time, look around, learn some, and keep in touch.

  • @ryanw Thank you for a wise words.
    I was working in early 2000's with RedHat Linux and Linux community, so i understand how hard it could be. If there will be a strategy and realistic roadmap - everything is possible.
    Just need to gather more information and talk to haitch and others, to figure out what is real and what is fantasies and how we can move forward.

  • @Weasel I'm happy to see you interested in this. I think a great place to start would be an information page about current/future development and plans for Burstcoin. There is no place to learn about this, no centralized information on the status of Burst.

  • The netDiff is now over 80k at least for me for the last couple of blocks.
    I needa find some more hard drives before 1.5TB is gonna make barely any profit.

  • @Weasel

    Im trying to get involved with this now. Follow me to see progress.

  • I think you already have your answer: Significantly diminishing returns, for significantly higher investments in hardware, for the foreseeable future - that's the part that is certain. The price of Burst though? Uncertain.

  • Don't worry m8 part of it is because of a botnet.