• Sorry I know there's all kinds of posts about wallets. Anyone currently having a problem with the one from this site? I log into the local wallet and it says "incorrect account" with a zero balance... except it is the correct account/address. I checked another online wallet... balance is still there etc. It now says syncing is at 99.97% for some reason... do I have to re-download the blockchain?

    Online wallet side doesn't seem to be working either with this wallet.

    Any suggestions?

  • Your local database is just catching up...once it gets to 100% your balance should be correct.

  • Seems like it's just a problem with your local copy of the blockchain...I don't think it loads at all if the file is corrupted, so it's maybe just trying to catch up right now...

  • Is this wallet just corrupt/dead? Been going at it for almost two days just trying to download the local wallet and get the blockchain synced again (because my current one stopped working).

    Virus warnings, freezing, remove re-download, blockchain won't completely load...freezing re-download. Online portion of the wallet doesn't work. Should we not use this wallet (from this site I've used this wallet for the last 8 months and have never had these kind of problems.

    Don't mean to complain or "blame" anyone... but also seems like a major problem if a new person can't come to this site and easily open a wallet?