Confirming my understanding of how works

  • OK, so i just re-joined this pool yesterday after a sub-par experience on another pool. What i really like about this pool is the ability to see the results real time on their stats page. Since I have been on less than 24 hours, I did have a question about how their payouts work. It seems straight forward but want to make sure i am not missing something...

    So, every time a new block is found, the list populates over the next few minutes in order showing the miners with the lowest confirmed DLs at the top. When I locate my user account, I log the # of rewards adjacent to my name. For example, in the last 90 minutes or so, I was lucky enough to have a 1st, 2nd & 3rd and a couple top 10's. When I sum up the # of rewards during this time, it comes to about 1200.

    Am I correct in assuming that this equates to 1200 burst (in addition to rewards accumulates outside of this 90 minutes) that will be paid out to my wallet during this pool's next payout cycle? Or am i missing something here?

    Also, I think this pool pays out every 24 hours, but is that at a set time each day for everyone or is it dependent on some other factor?

    Finally, is there any way to check historical blocks to see the final exact payouts? I did try clicking on the block# in the middle section of the stats page but it just directs to a dead link on Is there any other way to find the final payout distribution per block? I would like to be able to check this since sometimes a new block is found before the final distribution is available.

  • @GabryRox as in the thread you should tag the pool owner @haitch he always MORE than willing to answer questions

  • @falconCoin thanks! I forgot to do that but will do in the future. And you are right, @haitch has been very helpful even on questions not related to his pool 🙂

  • no worries and most everyone will help and steer you in the right direction no worries~

  • admin

    @GabryRox The pool display shows the earnings you'll get IF we win this block, the left hand side value, and on the right hand side, the earnings you'll get WHEN the pool wins a blocks. Having the best or a top ten DL will affect your historical value, but dos not represent earnings unless the pool wins the block.