Pool load balancing.

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    Folks, we're asking once again for you to spread the capacity between the pools. Between Crowetic and myself we have 4 pools, which up to now all operated in pretty much the same way. However to encourage you to align you with a pool that fits your capacity, I've made changes to deadlines and fees. PLEASE distribute yourself amongst the pools. Everyone going to the pool that's winning the most blocks will not earn you more Burst - you'll earn more often, but just a fraction of what you will on another pool.

    Ninja - Fee 2%, Deadline 1 Day.
    pool.burstcoin.eu - Fee 0.5% - Deadline 1 week
    pool.burstcoin.biz - Fee 0.5 % - Deadline 1 week
    pool.burst-team.us - Fee 1% - Deadline 1 month.

    These numbers will be adjusted at our discretion if required, but any changes will be announced.

    For the sake of the coin, please redistribute the capacity across the four pools. We do have ways of forcing individual miners off specific pools, but we don't want to go down that path.

  • haitch
    I totally plan on trying to devote and break up to each pool, but currently I am in waiting on some drives I ordered to increase my farm.right now I only have two plots of just short of 2 TB. I really enjoy this and plan to invest time, money into the project. On top of everything I am moving across country in the next 2 months so with that going I may be down for a couple of weeks, but I will be back:) I just put my smaller plot on .Biz and one on Team.Us

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    @LostBoy Understood, and not a problem. What I want, and we (us, and the coin) need is for miners to spread out. Currently between the 4 pools there are 1,365 registered miners. Breaking it down by pool:

    burst.ninja: 714 miners, 52.3%
    pool.burst-team.us: 609 miners, 44.6%
    pool.burstcoin.biz: 26 miners, 1.9%
    pool.burstcoin.eu: 15 miners, 1.0%

    If miners will re-distribute across the pools instead of concentrating on the first two, the pools will be more responsive, the payouts will be more consistent, and the investor concern will be alleviated.

  • @haitch We 2 are on the same (Biz) pool,,and now something strange happens 2 me there,,i dont get any deadline,,No Deadline,,i need to close my miner and start again,,why? I will come back in again,,plus it is fewer miners to respond aswell,,befor 18-19,,now only 11,,is there something wrong with thee pool or?

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    @bytheseaster Most of the miners on .biz and .eu are small ones, the variation in the number of miners responding will be down to their deadlines, and whether they meet the pool deadline requirements - the smaller you are, the less likely you are to meet them.

    We;re tring to encourage big miners -> ninja, intermediate miners -> .eu/.biz, and small miners to burst-pool. Pick the pool that best matches your capacity.

    Edit: Ideally we would have similar number of small medium and large miners on each pool - fully load balanced - but if for now we can only get the small medium miners to move, it's a start.

  • @haitch i dont get it,,last night i won a big block on Biz and im was always in,,and now all of a sudden nothing,, take a look at this ZYTF-9G82-R8MJ-73JHG 2.5TB 2.204% 27.09 154D + 41289
    Legen 9.1TB 1.977% 24.30 138D + 175042
    Crutsy 6.7TB 1.731% 21.28 169D + 198543
    Haitch 5CYJ 1.9TB 0.956% 11.75 178D + 141212
    Propagandalf 6.3TB 0.831% 10.21 68D + 27294
    bythesea 5.1TB 0.809% 9.94 81D + 10725
    Ricku 2.6TB 0.694% 8.53 22D + 585
    Hotdogler 1.8TB 0.550% 6.76 80D + 22
    Krytonite 2.2TB 0.411% 5.05 86D + 13846
    Q7JT-EDPJ-NGAU-GJTLJ 0.4TB 0.178% 2.19 5D + 327

  • @haitch so what your say now is that 5,2 TB is 2 small for Biz

  • May be increasing the fees for pool helps, not sure

  • I think if you have plots over a certain size you should solo mine. When you have hundreds of TB pool mining is pointless...

  • I have 1.1Tb and have been mining pool.burst-team.us and was making reasonable coin consistently. Now we are luck if we win 1- 2 blocks every 50. I don't have the TB power to switch or solo mine. i realize this is a up and down game and I always keep my eyes on the long road ahead, heck in the last 2 weeks I have even won 2 blocks but it seems to be starting to get out of control

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    @Spyderss23 Better compare your mined coins on a monthly basis. Variance is high.

  • @daWallet that is what I plan on doing but I have only been mining for about 2.5 weeks, when I started with .6Tb burtst-team.us had 232 miners by suggestions and rules set up all the small plots are told this is the best pool while large plots more capable of getting blocks run to ninja and other pools. I feel like I should go out and drop money on about 30Tb in HDD space to keep up

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    @tpriyan Fees have not been increased at this point. The fees on .biz and .eu have been lowered as an incentive. Ideally, the miners small and large would be equally distibuted accross all pools, rather than concentrated on the two, and mostly one.

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    @bytheseaster said:


    With only 15 miners on the pool, and 10 of those with single digit number of TB, the positioning in the pool will be very variable, hitting a block or submitting great times will move you up, average to poor times will push you down. If we can get the miners to redistribute so all pools have roughly the same number of big, medium and small miners (the ideal situation), your position in the list will remain fairly stable.

  • How can we check the pools distribution in the moment i mean how to see this in real time?

  • @Akrabovich When you go to the pool website in the top left corner says how many miners are at the pool...

  • haitch: can you explain the deadlines of 1 week vs 1 month:

    also do you know will pool.burstcoin.eu will accept small miners?

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    @nancyb88 When your nonce is computed, it results in a deadline measured in seconds - that's how long you'd have to wait to win this round, if no one found a better one. A week long nonce is approx 604,800 seconds, a month is around 2.5 Million. Neither is going to win a round, but the pools that accept longer deadlines, will at least give you credit for them.

    And pool.burstcoin.eu is going to be the preferred pool for small miners. Go to the announcement link below.

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    @all see https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/713/load-balancing-important-current-and-upcoming-changes-to-pool-deadlines for info about impending changes to the burst-team/burstcoin pools.