Welcome to the New Burstcoin Discord for Burst Team

  • Hello everyone. I'm Cerebus-nyx, or better known as NSA. I don't often post here, but today happens to be special. Recently, we were attacked. We were attacked via the Burst Discord server. Someone was able to gain access to an administrator account, and what we believe to be a owner or cofounder account to the server. This person, over the course of two days, spammed the entire server, all channels he could talk in, with racist text, mostly center around the N word, extremely gross pictures such as human feces and someone eating it and animals genetalia etc.. This individual was unable to be banned by certain individuals, and since I myself, along with a few other do not know who actually owns that server, I decided to make a whole new one and replicate the old server.

    The burst discord acted not only as a way to bring this community together, but we often times are helping people get started with burst, or troubleshoot their miner troubles or wallet issues or whatever, so we are actively helping burst-team and burstcoin grow. We can't allow something like this to take people away from the coin, or discourage new comers, so action was taken. As there was clearly an issue, I made the new one and have implemented a few security measures to ensure this isn't a problem. As well, I have replicated all roles and colors for the most p art.

    Lexicon is currently on a plane home, and as soon as he comes back online, I will confirm ownership with him and for now, the new server is the soluntion, but I believe this is the best route to go too. The lexbot is not in the server yet, he may have to move that of course.

    Below you can find a link to the Offical Burst Discord for burst-team. It is almost the same, however any service that went through lexbox is not operational right now. Lex will need to put his bot on the server of course. I did prepare all of the rooms for them though. I believe it's a full replica.

    @haitch approval coming soon.

    Official Burstcoin Discord for Burst-Team : https://discord.gg/mYgy3nh

  • thanks for the info!

    going to go with this is the actual legit new one @haitch since NSA has announced it?

  • Yes, This is the legit new one.

  • admin

    @falconCoin Yes, it's legit.

  • the invite has expired.

  • That server expired too ;) Everyone moved back to the original one.