Not getting promised rewards from some of my deadlines

  • Hi there. I'm new to this, but I think I'm not getting some of my deadline burstcoins.


    Take a look over here please. I found a deadline of about 5 days, and should get 0.27 burstcoins for it. However, even after many blocks it still doesn't show up under my historic block share payouts box:

    I have observed the same thing happen for all of these blocks below. My payout just stays the same, even though the pool clearly recieved it, and showed me on their current block share list.

    Again, I'm new to this, so there could be some sort of delay that I'm unaware of.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • From the screenshots it looks like I didn't even wait for the current block to finish before posting here and saying I didn't get my payment. However, I've been at 0.19D for all of the blocks that you see in the last screenshot. The first 2 screenshots are just examples.

  • admin

    @Mishapopkin The reward shown is what you'll earn IF the pool wins the block. If it doesn't win, you don't earn any coins.

  • Ah I understand. How do I know if my pool wins the block? Is it this:

    No right? Cause that's just all the blocks in order with people that got the highest deadlines in my pool right?

    Thank you.

  • admin

    @Mishapopkin Yes, the Block by Galaxy was won by the pool, all the other weren't.

  • Ah i get it. Thank you. All is clear now.