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  • Hello all,

    Ive only been with burst a short time but im sure a lot of you have seen im very active. I really want to help burst grow. The idea of a green coin that is easy to understand the mining process and the potential for great future tech projects with said coin is amazing!

    Here is what i propose anyone who is invested in burst and would like to comment ideas shoot.

    I would like to be given the opportunity to start a networking campaign for burst. I dont want to be paid for this or to be any type of a leader. I just want to help the coin grow because through this i will make more off of my mining and also this has become my hobbie forum and it clears my mind for the time im online.
    Here is how i want to do this.
    I want to have a chat made on the forum and work with a dev to have social media intergrated into the chat so ppl can link there forum accounts and share content between the two.
    If you have dev skills and are interested in helping with this comment on this thread saying so.
    I will then share and promote the chat and forum as well as the coin on social media.
    I will help to moderate the chat if that is wanted and needed and when it grows i will help to coordinate further moderation so that the peace is kept and it stays productive.
    I will reach out to a few long standing members to get help with new ppls tech questions and over time will learn more and more so will need less help to answer said questions.
    If this works i will also help to maintain a balance between the chat and noobs and the forum and real tech talks so ppl are not overwhelmed with trolls and such.

    What do i get from this?

    1. Potential for coin to go up
    2. Enjoyment from the chat and ppl
    3. Knowledge (by far most valuable part for me)

    Honesty that is enough for me 🙂 good ppl, good forum and free tech class lol

    I am willing to show my face and get verified (i have nothing to hide)
    I am willing to put in the work as long as i have help on the tech side

    Now to all of you major players in burst. You have a person who has shown his intent and excitement for this coin and community and wants to give a portion of his time to burst and the forum for free. If no one responds and at least considers this then that is bad. Social media is the way of the world today and if a fun and friendly environment is made ppl will come. Think about it free Facebook, youtube, steemit and on and on promotion by someone who is new so still has that fire and doesn't want to do it for a paycheck but rather for the enjoyment of it.

    What do you guys say?

    I will evaluate the response on this thread before i go a head and try to get this started. I dont mind giving my time but i do mind wasting it 🙂

  • Also understand that i am not as knowledgeable as you pros but i am willing and eager to learn. So if something i say or want to do isnt possible or is more complicated then it seems instead of bashing try and teach me and help me to find a solution. I really want to make this work for everyone. The thing is that ppl tend to only think about the now im thinking about the future with this and if burst grows then my children may benefit 10 years down the road 🙂

  • One more thing. I am aware and understand that discord is at the moment basically used for burst chat which is fine but what im trying to do here would be better and a lot easier for the average person and wont require a seperate download or app. Please post your thoughts guys. I know this is a big undertaking but i think it would be well worth it.

  • @explosive sounds great! I think it would be more effective to talk about this with @haitch or someone from devs directly, who will help with organizing the processes (community building, marketing, documentation, etc.)
    As for me, before making steps for involving miners, pool and assets owners, there should be a strategy with step by step plan, to move forward as a whole community.

    The idea of spreading through social media is surely needed, and this is great, you're ready to jump in. I'm talking about the same, but like a part of a plan.

    We can make landing page, or just a page on bigger Burst website with instruments and "How to's" - where everyone from community can choose what type of help is suitable for him, then just spread and seed this information with links. And e.t.c.

    As for me, im professional digital marketer from Russia. Can help spreading the idea of Burst. Can attract the attention of investors, developers, projects who will use Burst (which is really critical i think for the potential of coin), from here (Moscow) or any other country, depends on road map.
    Just need to dig deeper in technology for better understanding of its practical use.
    I can help with a strategy of online presense and roadmap for achieving stable growth of popularity (traffic).

    We can start from small, as for example, previously @ryanw said "great place to start would be an information page about current/future development and plans for Burstcoin. There is no place to learn about this, no centralized information on the status of Burst."

    Everything is possbile, i know it 😉

  • @Weasel

    I messaged @haitch right before the hole mess that happened a few days ago happened but he has been busy trying to help the community recover so ive been trying to leave him alone until everything calms down. as soon as he has a little time I plan to speak to him in more detail.
    this thread is more to get ideas and see interest in the community it self first.

    I also plan to draft a detailed plan and guideline for this as soon as I know if its a go. I want to make sure it is something we can do before I put time into development.

    @Weasel so if this project is something we decide to do would you be interested in being involved?

  • @explosive i see, involving by itslef is also a process, that should by planned and organized 😉
    To make it effective, as for me, i need more detailed information. Will PM Haitch and others later.

    And ofcourse, sure thing, i'm in.

  • ok now that everything has settled down a bit I'm going to bump this post.. any interest in this or any other ideas please post your thoughts.. continued growth is vital..

  • @explosive

    Excellent stuff. This us what Burst needs.

  • @explosive in which country do you life?

  • @Baron

    I feel the same way. Now just need to get the attention of the right people which is proving difficult.

  • @mrceebo-0


  • ok everyone I really need to see support so that the people that can make this happen will gain interest. in order for any of this to happen I need to have a team to help me with working on it.

    Here are some of the ideas I have come up with so far. (mind you these are ideas without the necessary knowledge in tech or the burst system to know if they are possible so some of them may not be a option but its a start)

    1. Create a chat that is part of the forum that users can create threads or sub chats for different topics burst related or not.
    2. social media integration for both the chat and forum so ppl can link there social media accounts to either or chat or forum to share content and receive notifications between both ends.
    3. promotion of the chat and forum through social media to bring ppl into the community and into burst.
    4. create a asset that is based off of buying into a number of established assets with a certain percent of the asset going towards giveaways on social media. with the portion going to social media it would be giveaways included in the promotions where ppl can win shares for joining in the community and chat (ppl love the idea of free money this will bring ppl to the forum and to burst) through this ppl will come to the community to try and win there shares and a number of those ppl would then become members and would invest into burst and into the AE thus strengthening both in the process. Think about it guys the AE could really make burst special if it grew and became established with a large user base trading assets.
    5. create A fun zone with maybe raffles and a game even where the social media zombies could mess around maybe win a coin here and there all well being connected to there favorite social media platform without missing a beat.
    6. with growth comes the opportunity for advanced promoting on the largest platforms in the world. with a large enough user base at that point we could start approaching these platforms or app developers on said platforms and offering payments options or features to intergrate burst into there apps and platforms. Think about this facebook has this huge marketplace now that anyone can sell there old junk. Well wouldn't it be nice if ppl could earn, use and heres the key buy burst in order to make quick secure payments to one another for said items... or if ppl could play there little facebook games with burst.. the possibility's are truly endless the hard part is someone doing the work and being persistent enough to get it out there.

    Again these are just ideas but really guys burst is great but it wont grow if new things are not worked on. burst little circle is great but the possibility for growth is out there just needs a few things added and then introduced to the every day joe.