Burstcoin wallet database. Updated every 12hrs

  • @rds Of course 🙂 Had stopped mining over the summer so I'm trying to get caught up. I guess I'll sync in a day or two.

  • hourly upload of the blockchain http://burstneon-bc.ddns.net/, lovely regards.

  • could you share the script please?

  • hello there . my wallet is not working . i had coins on it now it says wallet stopped if i go on an online wallet it's a different one with no coins or contacts in it . what can i do ? where is the support ? this starting to not look good . from 30 hrs i try to reach a support . or some1 to help me . what a nice comunity lol

  • @steaneduard You are asking for help and not in a friendly manner. Calm down, this community is usually helpful.

    • If you enter your passphrase into any wallet that is online+up-to-date, you will get to your account.

    • If you don't see your account ID, you made a mistake entering your passphrase.

    Regarding your wallet "not working", please supply some log or detailed description, how could anybody help you without any info ??! I'm getting tired of this.

  • the wallet worked till yesterday . now it does not . the prashe was good yesterday normaly it should be good today as well . i dont know exactly what infos should i give you . this is the first wallet that i get this kind of problems . early some 1 suggested me to get the blockchain from 0 i did that now im waiting to sync. i did nothing out of ordinary . just open wallet enter prashe yesterday it worked . today open wallet put phrase it tells me wallet stopped not working . so if you have any ideea about what extra infos to give you i will def give you.

  • You can download the newest blockchain here, using the december section for the latest, the next updating of the current block comes in 40 minutes.

    • Adding SSL Socket (https) 0_1514115278898_124214.PNG

  • I was trying to undestand which exactly Blockchain we can download from you:

    1. mariadb
    2. old h2 version
    3. Firebird db

    It's good to add in the site which exactly database we are going to download and with which wallet is compatible.


  • This post is deleted!