Insufficient funds error

  • i cant for the life of me figure out why my client keeps saying insufficient funds (error 6) when trying to reassign the reward assignment. i have 20 burstcoins i got from the faucet at my address here
    but i just want to mine my burstcoins. i have 0 funds in my local wallet, but after some research a lot of people say that the online wallet is the only one i need. i would appreciate some assistance in setting up my miner and resolving this issue. i hope im not the only person who has this problem

  • @ddos Online and local wallet should have the same balance... are you sure you don't have spend your 20 burst in assets or something like that?
    Have you already change your wallet name? If don't, you have to change it in order to activate your account before any transactions... And Reward Assignment is a transaction.

  • @gpedro i did give my account a name and a description

  • @ddos And has been confirmated yet? if no you have to wait for 4 blocks (~16 minutes) before do the reward assignment...

  • @ddos is allready resolved? You should leave the post and tell what you do or what's the problem so someone that have the same problem could find a solution before make a post...

  • @gpedro ok. i started the miner and then i confirmed the change. it worked about 30% of the times that i confirmed