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    ok so please correct me if I'm wrong but what I see is that I have 1 usb 3.0 controller and two usb 3.0 ports going to that controller then the othe usb port I have is 2.0 does that look correct?
    I currently have 4 externals hooked up 2 8tb wd my books to a 4 port usb 3.0 hub to port 2 3.0
    1 wd my book 4tb and 1 wd my book 6tb to another 4 port usb 3.0 hub to port 3
    I currently have my mouse hooked up to port 1 but if all ports are 3.0 I want to do another hub in port 1. all ports are blue.
    at what point will my controller start to bottleneck?
    I'm on a dell inspiron 15 7000 series with a i76400hq and a NVidia geforse gtx 760 (I think may be off on video card cant figure out how to utilize it to much yet) 1tb hard drive and 8gb ram I believe with a easy upgrade slot or two for more ram.
    I'm currently trying to figure out how to scale right now. I'm back to work soon and I want to keep pushing this laptop until it explodes 🙂 I spent almost as much on insurance and replacement plans on this as I did on the laptop and I really regret not getting a desktop instead. If I push it to far and it craps out that's cool I will get a gift card for the price if not its whatever to. I'm a honest guy so I wont do anything to intentionally break it but I will get everything I can out of it haha. so my plan is to scale as far as I can with externals until I hit my bottleneck then burst mine well cpu mining vrm at the same time. I'm not going to get anymore of the eight tb drives because the read times on the 4tb and 6tb are faster (correct me if I'm wrong lol)
    so with all that info what would you guys do to add on to what I have if you had this same set up?
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    I turned the option off for allow my computer to turn device off to save power is that ok?

  • also when I eventually run out of expansion options with this set up and I have the money to do so could I buy a cheap i3 or amd model desktop and plot drives on my laptop with the better cpu and then run them mining on the cheaper desktop? I can get a i3 desktop for around $300 or less even if I grab one with a even cheaper processer. if I'm only using it to mine with does it matter what cpu it has?

    I have some time before any of this will even be a option but I want to be prepared

  • @darindarin take a look and see what you can do with our fellow Pool miner

  • the processor will matter during plotting i can better answer after lunch having a hard time concentrating right now @explosive gimme about an hour to read this over and eat something..

  • @darindarin

    sure thing thank you

  • @explosive, how are you? I hope your little ones are doing well.

    So I had my one mining machine and it had 5 blue USB 3.0 ports all tied to one controller. I do GPU mining with a GTX 1060 and have 5 x 6TB internals and 12 x USB 3.0 externals. The externals kept getting added a few at a time, first four 5 TB's, then eight more 8TB units. I hung them all off of the one controller, adding 4 port hubs as needed.

    I actually expected things to bog down to a crawl. It did slow down, but I was consistently scanning each block in just about 29 seconds (at that time all drive lights stopped flashing).

    So I thought I would see what kind of performance gain I could get by dividing up the USB drives, since twelve is obviously bandwidth abuse.

    I had an extra PCIEx1 slot, so I added another USB 3.0 controller to the mining machine. I left four drives on the old controller, added four to the new controller, and moved the remaining four to my plotting (now mining unit #2) machine which had an RX 480 GPU. I added the same GPU mining software to machine #2, pointed it to my wallet server on machine #1, and fired it up.

    So machine #1 with the GTX 1060 dropped to roughly 22-23 seconds for 8 externals split between 2 controllers, while the RX-480 machine with four drives on one controller takes...29 seconds. (sigh) Oh well. It does have four other internals to read too.

    I've got anunused USB 3.0 controller in machine #2, so I'm going to pick up another hub and try 4 controllers with three drives. We'll see how the times look then. Till then, the 29 second overall time is fine, especially since I don't have the budget to do anything about it!

  • @explosive i have two machines one with 68tb the other with almost 40tb.. each machine will read all dives nder 45 seconds.. without a GPU i think as long as you can keep read times under 60 seconds you should be fine.. like @Evo mentioned above me .. i have a cpu controller with 4 usb slots.. i never put a hub on that controller but it would do fine i imagine. i have hubs on pretty much everything else.
    BLUE usbs are 3.0 if your mouse does not require it free up that 3.0 slot for some drives and use the mouse in a 2.0 slot if possible.

  • @explosive keep an eye on your read speeds as you add drives. i would stay away from GPU until you are over 50 tb. but to each there own no wrong way to read your drives..