Everytime i open the wallet it says java is not installed

  • any got a clue as to why this happens if i reinstall it it will work but that is very annouying to have to always doi cant make any wallets work for this online or offline im not sure exactlly what this issue is but i tried deleting alot fo stuff and reinstalling and igot exact same issues

  • @Lorilian1 Which OS are you using? If Windows, do you have IE installed? Which Burst wallet are you using? Have you checked your firewall settings?

    Let us know 🙂

  • The all in one wallet from this website just isn't working (version online side doesn't work. My local wallet crapped out 2 days ago and have been trying to get it going again since (unsuccessfully so far).

    The direct link from this site to online wallet also doesn't work. The only reason I keep trying is because I'm already in BURST... a new person could easily get frustrated and stop.

    @haitch and @daWaIlet is there anything that can be done? Use an older version for the time being? Change the online link to an online wallet that works?

  • @Lorilian1 I'm having the exact problem can't access my online or offline wallet,and the DB was fully downloaded about a week ago.Using Burst Client for Win v0.3.9.6.Telling me Java not installed,but it is installed and worked many times before,in Windows 10 Pro.Is there actually anyway to access your Burst coins at the moment,or what is going on?