What is the threshold for in TB for solo mining?

  • Any idea??
    how to calculate or understand better where is the threshold according to the entire PB network?

  • @ItalianMiner72 just divide your mining capacity with the whole netDiff and you'll have the probability of hitting a block. I believe if you are above 60-80TB you could solo mine, but you could go perhaps for a week without wining a block, compared to the frequent payments you may get from mining in a pool.

  • well, I have one offsite (colo) miner with ~8 TB spare space, was hitting one block/fortnight. This will likely decrease to two months or more w/regard to diff. If you want a steady income, I'd say 100+TB is the minimum for going solo now, that would be ~"one block every two days".

  • i will give a try.. i'm near 90tb... i think in the next month i can reach 100tb...
    can you explin better how to calculate probability to hit block in solo?
    for example 50000(network in TB)/60(mine TB) = 833.. with an average time block of 140 secs i will get 1 block each 116620secs or 32,39hours??? but is impossible...

  • @ItalianMiner72, I think this is what you want (if I've done my math right):

    Network size for July 3rd was 71,287 TB per burstcoin.biz.

    71287/90 = 792.07777. So, on average, you should win 1 block out of every 792 blocks. Block times, on average, are four minutes. This equates to 360 blocks per day. 792/360 = 2.2, so as of July 3rd, you could reasonably expect to win a block every 2 days and 4 hours.

    71287/100 = 712.87; 713/360 = 1.98 days, rounding up, call it 2 days.

    So adding 10 TB would, on average, take 4 hours off of your time between blocks.

    Want to win 1 block per day? I worked it backwards (71287 / ? = 360): you'll need 198 TB 😞

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  • @ItalianMiner72 ok but what does it mean /90, /360 and /100???? 71287 are the network TB.
    but what about /90???

  • @ItalianMiner72 you take the netdiff in TB (i.e. the daily averaged network size from here: http://burstcoin.biz/calculator)
    and divide it by what you have. The result is your portion of the total network size, alias your chance to win a block.

    your size: 90 TB
    network size: 66,162 TB

    So your chance of winning a block is 1/735.
    Because you possess 1/735th of the network.

    There are 360 blocks per day, so with 90 TB you'll mine a block every 735/360=2.013 days, on average.

  • ok i undesrtand!!! many thanx!!!