Help reading JMiner log file - Is solo mining feasible with just 8TB?

  • I just recently started mining and I've had jminer running in solo mode for a little over 24 hours with a plotted, unoptimized 8tb usb 3.0 external drive. According to my wallet account balance I've not yet been awarded a single coin. Are there any good resources online which will explain the JMiner log file format? Obviously I can look for log entries marked as WARN and ERROR, but I'd like to figure out if there is a problem with my mining setup and if the miner is actually working. Is it possible to mine in solo mode with just 8 TB and actually win some rewards?


  • netdiff going higher solo mining not worth it for 8tb, try it when u hit 110tb+

  • I forget where I saw it but someone did the math and said, in order to win a daily block, you'll need a 150Tb miner.