Computer crashed, Jminer super slow

  • @Luxe, so I started up my win10 computer and the screen wanted me to put in a password. I never had a password for this machine, so after many attempts to reinstall an iso backup, that failed and I was forced to reinstall a clean copy of windows. I set everything back up but now my Jminer is 4x slower than it used to be, 120 seconds vs, sometimes sub 30 seconds. I feel like there are some supporting programs that need to be installed. OpenCL etc?? I have an AMD R9 270x. Help!!!

  • @Luxe, looking for some help please, I reinstalled Windows and I went from 1000 Mbs read speed to 300 Mbs read speed. Same hardware.

  • You need to reinstall the X64 Java most likely. Or update the computer and drivers. Make sure you install drivers from your mainboard. All the chipset drivers must be installed to get max potential from your computer. If you already did this then check that you installed all prerequisite software to run Jminer like OpenGL for your Video Card etc.

  • @CryptoNick , pretty sure I have the java and the openGL, the amd settings page says so, and the java runs the wallet. But I never did check drives for the board itself. It's a gigabyte, I guess I go to there website and look for them?

  • @rds Yep that would be the culprit. You must Drive the chipsets on the mainboard. Just look up your drivers on Gigabyte and that should do the trick.

  • admin

    @rds I suggest you use e.g. CrystalDiskMark to benchmark your drives ... there are settings in Windows that could slow down your drives, that you may test out and re-check via benchmark. It is most likely not a miner issue but a OS configuration one.

    If your drives reach speed around ~100 MB/s r/w or more, we have to think about other reasons, that could have slowed down jminer.

    Edit: You could also use to monitor your system (memory/cpu) ... maybe that gives a hint, what could be the problem. As i can not tell without more information.