BurstFAQ.com Contest - At Least 5,000 BURST in prizes! Also looking for prize pot donations!

  • Hello all!

    While I wish I had tons of time every day to add things to BurstFAQ.com, I don't. I am self-employed and need to keep food on the table for my family, but I work on Burst related things when I can. I do want to see it grow, and think it has great potential to be an ultimate repository of knowledge for Burstcoin.

    So, I have decided to create a contest for submissions. Outline of how to participate is below. I have started a wallet with 5,000 BURST in it. For those that want to participate, but don't want to create a FAQ, feel free to donate to the pot at BURST-FFLQ-3QZJ-267R-F3QBX. If we can get this pot huge, I think a lot of people will be participating! Looking for some people with some big Burst bags to help 🙂

    Contest Prizes

    CURRENT PRIZE POT - 5,500 !!!

    Prize pot wallet BURST-FFLQ-3QZJ-267R-F3QBX
    So, like I said the pot is starting out at 5,000 Burst, and hopefully will be added to by other people.
    10 submissions will be taken from all of the entries and will be eligible for prizes. I'm looking at creating a poll on the forum for members to vote for what they believe is the best entry. I don' have the ability to create a poll, so I will have to ask @haitch about the capabilities of that. Another voting process could be used.
    50% of the pot will go to the entry with the most votes.
    25% will go to 2nd place
    11% will go to 3rd place
    The remaining 14% will be distributed to the 7 runners up at 2% each.

    In the event of there being less than 10 entries, the remaining percentage will be added directly to the 1st place winner's prize.

    There will have to be at least 3 entries for the voting to be held for this contest. In the event that 3 entries are not received, another contest may be held, or the deadline extended.

    Entry deadline, and how to submit.

    Submissions for the contest will be accepted for the next month. Get your submissions in by the end of the day 8/4/2017 PST.

    To submit an entry, please go to http://burstfaq.com/addcontent.html . I am looking for tutorials, and also a Question/Answer format. There is a WYSIWYG editor there that can help you make your submission pretty 🙂 Please add your BURST address at the end of the submission to know where to pay the prizes. Your address will also be kept on the entry for tips/donations by visitors in the future.

    Entry Content

    Right now, I am only looking for entries in English. For people whose main language is not English, I will do my best to clean up grammar and spelling as needed.

    Of course, the submissions need to be Burst related. The entries need to be in text format...I'm not looking for videos at this time, however maybe in the future. Please add as much visual aids as you deem necessary. Screenshots would be very helpful to anyone reading them. Image size is restricted to 50kb each. I'm not a graphics whiz, but I'm sure there are easy to use optimizers out there.

    Your submission will be posted on BurstFAQ.com for all to see, and help the community. You will be granting the right to BurstFAQ.com to publish and distribute your entry. Your email address will not be posted publicly, and if you wish to be anonymous, please say so. If you use a tutorial or FAQ from elsewhere on the internet, you need to be prepared to show that you are the author, and have the rights to copy it.

    Entries will be judged by thoroughness of topic discussed, and helpfulness of topic chosen. There is no penalty for writing your own FAQ for one that already exists. Since there are barely any FAQs on the site, I'm really looking for big common topics that many people would find useful. Here are some ideas to use:

    What is BURST, and what makes it different?
    Common problems/errors encountered while running a local wallet.
    What are deadlines, and how are they determined?
    How to get started mining BURST.
    Complete jminer/creep/etc tutorial.
    What actually happens
    How do I set up a BURST wallet.
    Wallet security.
    Asset Exchange Tutorial
    How do I create an asset on the Burst Asset Exchange?
    How do I know if I am mining correctly?
    Also, common errors or problems that people may run into for any of the software...have you worked through a problem with anything? Tell people how you did it.
    If you believe a new category should be created, let me know!

    BONUS - In the event that there are at least 50 quality submissions entered (not just a bunch of short 1-2 sentence submissions) I will be adding 5,000 more BURST to the prize pot.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I will keep updated this original post as needed.

    Question - How do I know you got my submission? Within a day, you should be able to find your entry on the website. If for some reason, it doesn't show up, let me know and we'll fix it.

  • I posted 🙂

  • @Tom Awesome, thank you for the first entry. I'm sending a little BURST your way for being the first!

  • We just got a donation to the prize pool wallet! Prizes now total $5,500!

  • This is nice, too bad I actually barely know anything 'bout BURST so it kinda would be useless for me to post.

  • @FurryFlutt Unless you're just posting here for fun, you're actually going through the process new people have to when they want to get involved with Burst. Write about what you learn 🙂

  • @ryanw I don't post here for fun. I at least try to help people with their problems but most of the time, never works or I miss something very crucial.

  • @FurryFlutt Alright your choice 🙂

  • I just want to show everyone the kind of Tutorial and FAQ I'm looking for in the contest...

    Something rich in explanations and information...


    I'm hoping that this site could become a huge repository of knowledge for the community. Where people can quickly find what they are looking for...but I need your help!

    There have been only a few entries, so everyone has a good chance of winning here! There's still over a few weeks left, so plenty of time to put something together!

  • Oh, and as always if you want to donate to the prize pot to make it more enticing for people to participate, the address is


    Thank you my friends!

  • A little over two weeks left for entries! Unfortunately Burst has taken a dive in price along with almost every other cryptocurrency...perhaps I should have kept the prize in USD, but it is what it is 🙂 Still taking donations to the prize pool for anyone that wants to help in that way.