Error While SOLO mining; "Fast Block or corrupted Data"?

  • I started Solo mining today for the first time. I'm getting a weird error on my miner. Posting Image below:
    Does anyone know what this means?? How do I fix this?

  • 0_1499280372392_ddf57cac-d5be-451e-beec-c3b8535998d0-image.png


  • The plots on that drive are actually in K:\plots. I'll move them to K:\Burst\plots to see if it helps, but the plot file-path is actually correct as it is. I don't remember why, but awhile back I moved the plot on drive K:\ to K:\plots.

    Any other ideas? I've never seen that error before. AND, it only appears when I'm mining in SOLO mode.

    I can't find a pool that is functioning correctly more than a day at a time is why I'm mining Solo now. I was using but it seems to be continually having issues now, and i've tried several others and they all seem to have issues of some kind currently.

  • @hysd2005718

    So, I just switched the plot file back to K:\Burst\plots as you suggested, it made no difference. The same error is still appearing on the miner just as in the picture above. Any more idea's?