pool.busrtcoin.eu working?

  • Hi guys,

    I was hoping to get some info here about my current pool pool.busrtcoin.eu it's a bit confusing for a newbie like me.
    I started to mine about 72 hours ago on this pool, randomly selected in the list and after a chaotic start (faucets not working, needed a burst to change the reward, pool down many times) I still don't have any reward in my wallet, only sign I can see that I'm mining.

    As the website appears to be down again, I still can't figure out how things are working while mining. I've no clue of any mining ratio, minimum payout on the pool etc.
    I currently am mining on a 512gb SSD, originally it was just a test and for now on, I'm just mining something somewhere.
    Don't get me wrong I love the idea of burst and will deploy a larger storage space but I just wanted to test and try to get some info on the mining process before starting the right hardware. I'm more used when mining other coins to have a fancy website showing my hashrate in the pool, instantly showing me the reward based on the submitted shares etc. Right now I can see nothing and it's completely confusing.

    Can anyone give me more info about the pool and how it is working? Or maybe any other pool to join as this one appears to be unstable.


  • admin

    @myforgedoteu The pool is mining just fine, it had some display issues due to my firewall being attacked, but that did not impact mining, and the GUI is back up.

  • Sorry for the GUI not showing, it was my browser messing up.

    As now I can see the current shares, not seeing me in the list means that I'm mining the block but I'm to small to be part of the reward?

  • admin

    @myforgedoteu If you're mining you should be in the list, no matter how small you are. Are you getting confirmed DL's ?

  • Looks like I'm not since I set the reward assignment. When I started to mine on the pool without setting my reward, I had some.
    Right now I just have lines like
    19:01:11 New block 378198, baseTarget 353163, netDiff 51888 Tb
    19:01:12 Thread "E:\Burst\plots" @ 1.0 sec (120.2 MB/s) CPU 76.16%

    and sometimes an error message impossible to get winner infos

  • I can confirm, 7 hours later, not a single
    found DL
    sent DL
    NOT confirmed DL
    or confirmed DL showing in the console. Just lines as
    New block

    something wrong on my side?
    A quickly tested on the android app, and I have deadlines showing (but so big that I will probably be dead).

    thanks for the help

  • In order to follow up for the community. I tested to mine on another disk, 1Tb this time and I got some DLs. the pool is working just fine, looks like my 512gb is under size for the pool.