plotter stuck

  • my plotter keeps getting stuck a 22%. my free ram gets filled with standby ram and the plotter stops writing. idk whats wrong

  • @kevinfml solved? it was fat32?

  • Hey

    I was having the same problem when I was plotting a larger usb drive, first I was thinking it was the the USB port was turning off, So I turned the power management off under the USB hub settings. Still the plot seemed to take forever and would stall at 40%. So then I began looking at memory also and found that by running The drive finally would plot. I also had a problem where no matter what i did the plot would not finish. So I restarted the computer did not open up anything else except the client (AIO) plotted the drive. When it started the plot I stopped it (Closed the CMD BOX/The PLOT) then went into the drive with file explorer went to the directory that was created, for me:(D:\Burst)
    Then went into the plots directory (D:\Burst\Plots) and deleted the plot (The large number file for me:(12468162015994596526_400000001_6166400_30080). Then deleted that plot. (Just the Large numbered file Under \Burst\Plots) Not the whole \Burst directory leave that in tact, Then I started the plot again from the client. I do my plots this way all the time now it seems after the directory is created (D:\Burst) the plotter sometimes hangs maybe a rights issue ( I don't know)but I have learned doing it this way seems to prevent the hang on creating the plot. I hope this helps, Hell I hope this makes sense. HEHEE.
    Good luck. Gaud Speed all your plots/Deadlines


    ~LostBoy Seektime