I need to plot with GPU

  • Hello superfrend. I am new in this forum. I need to help po ploting with GPU, because I have 10 HDD with 8tb, and with CPU I need at 7 days for ploting one hdd
    Please help me.
    I have try it, but I dont find the good results.
    I have a PC with G3930processor 2 theart, GPU 480 8GB, 32GB ram.

  • @vExact , my superfrend. Thank you very much for help.
    I look at your video.
    My recomandation value are 1.0.16192.128.8192. Resulte...crased
    After I put 1.0.8096.64.4096 and I have tested for one file of 10gb. Result 17min and 6 seccond. So for a Lacie hdd of 8 tb , I need of 230 hours.
    After I put 1.0.4048.32.2048 Result 30 min and 2 sec.
    After I put 1.0.8096.32.4096 Result 14 min and 23 sec.
    1.0.16192.64.8194 crased
    1.0.8096.128.4096 18 min
    1.0.2024.16.1024 16 min
    1.0.1024.8.512 14 min
    1.0.2024.128.1024 14 min
    1.0.1024.8.512 18 min
    1.0.1024.128.512 14 min
    1.0.1024.64.512 16min
    1.0.1024.32.512 16 min
    1.0.1024.16.512 14 min
    1.0.8096.64.8192 crash
    1.0.4048.64.8192 crash
    1.0.2024.64.8192 crash
    1.0.16192.64.4096 crash
    1.0.16192.64.2048 crash
    1.0.8096.64.1024 14 min
    1.0.4048.64.4096 14 min
    1.0.2048.64.4096 14 min
    1.0.16384.64.4096 crash
    Its very long time.
    What do you thing my superfrend @vExact ?

  • @eugenb77000 as I PM you, I haven't used much the GPU plotter, but in my experience if the number of nonces you choose is too high for the available space it can crash too. I have also heard many people say that direct mode is more prompt to crash than the buffer one, therefore some people prefer to plot in buffer and the optimize. And I also think that Lacie drives are SMR, so it will be slow as well.

  • @vExact You are my superfrend. You are right . Lacie is a SMR HDD. Speed are 132 mbs for read and 42 mbs for writte.
    Is not too fast. i need to plot with GPU .
    @vExact me be you are right. I must to write first on a SSD, and after transfered this file on my Lacie
    My problem is that I havenot a big SSD, and I so tnat is very expensive