Help with Mac setup--no deposits after a week

  • Hi there, basically I have set up my mac to mine. jminer looks to be working fine and I show up on the pool website but have not received deposits after mining for 5 days.

    Here is more detailed information: I've recently set up my windows computer to mine and it's working perfectly. A few days later, I set up a mac mini following this guide:
    The only things I've done differently from the guide is setting the timeout to 20 seconds, turning off the winner lookup by not specifying a wallet (since it would rarely work when it was turned on), and using as my pool.

    The mac mini has it's own wallet set up, however I use the PC to access both wallets as the few times I have tried to load the web wallet on the mac the connection would timeout. The Mac started mining with just 200gb but it plots a single 200gb plot every day. Currently it's at 1.2tb but has a total of 5tb to plot.

    My account shows up in the "Current Round Shares" on the pool website, sometimes with a decent deadline, and also shows up in the "All Round Shares", but never shows up in the "Recent Payments". The account running on the PC shows up in all three places. And just to be clear, jminer is also showing that it's successfully submitting deadlines.

    Is this something that I can troubleshoot as possibly being my error or is this something I need to take up with the pool owner? Or perhaps just switch pools?

    Thanks for taking the time to read through my post.

  • Well I have found some posts that suggest might be the issue.

    Could someone confirm that as long as my account is showing up in the "current round shares" section of a pool website with a decent deadline then the only reason to not be seeing deposits is out of my direct control?