Hey guys new here. Need some help.

  • Hi guys I'm new to mining. For 2 days I have been trying the burst faucet but it keeps saying it is either dry or only for new users. I tried mining but it wouldn't work after finding a coin due reward assignment hasn't been correctly assigned. Is it possible to mine for a coin to start joining pools? If so please help. If not may i get a donation to BURST-ZYAD-YFPX-9UKA-9QDF2 since the faucet never works?

  • @Justjoined

    1. Nice name lol
    2. Sent you 3 BURST
    3. No it is not possible to mine a coin just to start joining pools. Since your account is brand new, it won't allow you to do certain things until you do a few things to "unlock" or "activate" your account.

  • @FurryFlutt Thanks, I've questioned the plot so i replot 3 times thinking it might be that (currently doing it again, started 2 hours ago). I hope it finishes it sooner than last time and I will send it back. Thank you for helping me start mining.