My Crypto Life | "Exodus Wallet and Jaxx Wallet as one, Checkout New PIVX.Store."| Vlog #105

  • "Hello my Burst Family,

    "Here is another one, "Exodus Wallet and Jaxx Wallet as one, Checkout New PIVX.Store."

    This is how you resolved this issues with Your Exodus Wallet not able to send Doge Coin or Convert it to LTC or Other Coins on Exodus:

    This Email and instructions is right from Exodus Support Team! It worked for me because I had My 12 Words Phrase to restore on Jaxx Wallet! I was able to do that and Send Out My Doge Coin from My Jaxx wallet with Exodus Private Keys!

    Hi there,
    We're testing the Doge wallet, and everything is working fine. The problem may be on your connection to the Doge p2p network.
    I just, received, refreshed and sent Doge without any problem.

    Is there any other way for you to test using a different internet connection. Maybe creating a hotspot using your cellular data, or trying to connect in a family or friends house, just for testing proposes. If not, I don't want you to get stuck with your transactions while we investigate what could be happening with you Doge wallet.

    Please, download Jaxx Wallet for Chrome:

    • Install Jaxx on your Chrome Browser
    • Use your Exodus 12-word phrase to restore Jaxx
    • Send out your Dogecoins
    • Delete Jaxx

    It's better deleting Jaxx in this case because it will be using the same private keys as your Exodus wallet. We do not recommend doing so for the time being because the wallet does not synchronize automatically. In short, when you are making a transaction with one device, it will not show up on the other unless you manually refresh the wallet. This can lead you to believe that you have more money that you actually do.

    Let me know if it works for you, please.

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