Tross pool is going underground!

  • I am tired of being attacked. So I am taking my Burst Bash Raffle to an unknown location. If you want to mine at my pool then you need
    to pm me with your address. I will not accept everyone only people I can verify. This will happen on Friday!

    My ddos pool will stay open (vps paid up to date) . But I be damned if someone tries to crush my hobby! I am a disabled vet stranded at home Nobody I say Nobody is fucking up my Hobby! I started a pool for everyone , spent all the damn burst I had. Worked constant hours with Lexicon and he made I tested a damn good pool! But some jealous freak who wants money for nothing (I love Dire Straits) has got to stop a legit pool. Probably that freak FOCUS cause seen ip from Montreal Quebec sending lots of data like my pool sends to wallet. No cant prove it but he did cuss me out after banning me from BN. So I consider him spineless for doing that. He also offered to help me block the data that is now hitting my pool! Problem is at the time of the offering pools were not hit this way. BN is scum to Burstcoin and will be its downfall. Look at AG and his background I am sure our mom's wouldnt of let us play with him. I admire his marketing skills but I dont play with the devil!

    So if you want to mine at the real tross pool then you have 2 days to pm me. Otherwise DDOS pool will stay open!


  • The selection process will be slow cause I have to verify by discord, miner address and forum. The devil up-voted my post but did give him a compliment lol

    It would be easier to let my big miners come first cause I recognize address better. I dont like this and wouldnt blame anyone for leaving my pool now.

  • Have you thought of maybe running the pool as a tor hidden service (keeping your real ip hidden). Not sure how the pool software would like it though. Or the miner... But could be interesting to try.

  • no with this type of attack you have to hide everything to include pool address. Low level ddos cant be stopped because it is false dl or request to block the server cause it has so much to do. No pool can fight this and my pool is hated and could give names of people who could do this but cant prove it. Even all that data from Montreal could be coincidence. But in my opinion its Focus just by the way he cussed me out. But dont matter I make a secret pool with secret miners so it will be hit as well but not so fast. Somebody will be offered large sum of burst to give out address.

  • To clarify what I am doing this is whats going to happen.

    On Friday I will have two pools running. and an unknown pool. I am taking applications as a pm with address. I will first let the people in that I know. Perhaps nobody will come then plan b lol

  • @tross
    Good for you Tross! Your a decent guy, I hope everything works out for you. You have my email addy, feel free to say hi every now and then.

    I am done with pools, if i am unable to solo and win a few blocks then I am done with this coin as well, take care!

  • Update to Update lol

    I may be able to stand up and fight instead of hiding I will keep things posted! I am testing now!

    I know it sounds all wish washy and unprofessional but I hit panic mode after weeks of unending ddos.

    I will make a safe pool if its the last thing I do!

  • Well i'll join the pool if it go's private, your pool got my know adress on the pool and when all is stable i was going to come back anyways but sad to see ppl go to these low lvl's of non stop ddos certain pools.

    you got my support for all that mathers

  • A miner and I are trying to fight this at the core. It might be beatable and I can stand my ground!

  • Update to update to update

    Ok we made changes to the pool and have a couple more later. I dont like the idea of going private pool cause I want everyone that wants to mine at my pool mine. So hopefully these changes make it possible to stay open to all.

    Before BN we didnt have these problems. There was a time if you wanted to run a pool you could do it at home. I ran my pool at home for the first 6 months. Actually I got a vps is because I do storj too among other things. But turned out to be lucky cause the pool attacks started . Only good thing coming out of this is old tross is learning different things. Lexicon has been priceless with his help with the pool code. rahan a miner and member of discord helped me today to keep my server secure and I hope it brings us back to our glory!
    30dl ftw!

  • can i be sent my pending payment please? ive been trying to stick with you or lexpool but too much crap is going on. one min u are changing pool addys then you arent, then u wanna go to private, then you arent. too much hassle for me. id appreciate my pending measly 45 burst or so.

  • @jhip626 what pool are you going to go to? how many HDD space you are mining with?

  • @jhip626 josh come on over t our pool... and make me more videos :p

  • I am going to lower the payout to 40 burst. Then at 3pm in 6hr I will plug!

  • @tross keep up the good fight !

  • My pool account balance has been transferred and I will send out all pending over 40 burst this weekend!

    The private pool will be stated after 3pm today. I will send out emails to those I have already cleared to mine.

  • As long as there are miners on I will leave it open. I will also add I found big hole and am plugging it up! I test it now!

    I was in the car thinking and it would suck if my pool stopped and my miner wasted electricity for nothing so hope all go somewhere soon.

  • @tross Never give up man! We are behind you...

  • @falconCoin
    i did.. not making much yet though,lol

  • @tross said in Tross pool is going underground!:

    My pool account balance has been transferred and I will send out all pending over 40 burst this weekend!

    The private pool will be stated after 3pm today. I will send out emails to those I have already cleared to mine.

    much appreciated