Burst Fund for my New Baby Boy!

  • Hello my name is Jim Hackett. I have been in burst since February of 2016. I have ditched all of my other crypto coins because I believe burst is the way of the future. This coin, community, and devs are the reason its blowing up! I believe that there is no where for this coin to go but WAY UP!

    I just had a baby on June 23rd 2017! My baby boy came in at 8lb 9 ozs and is healthy as can be! We names him James Gordon Hackett Jr.

    I am asking the community to help me create a crypto fund for my child. The way burst coin is going to raise makes this a long term account for him. My parents had a savings account for me (not crypto) like this. I used it to buy my 1st car and my down payment on my 1st house. I unfortunately do not have the same access to funds as my parents did.

    I want to thank everyone in advance and wish everyone the best of luck in their burst journey!!!!!!!

    Asking 100,000 burst this would be aprox. $1500 USD.

  • you knew the kid is coming for the past 9 months.
    Could have started saving up yourself for the fund.

  • Banned

    congrats dear for new baby ,but that funds should be saved by you coz he will call you dad not us hahaa its your responsibility!!

  • I want to buy Lambo, someone plz send me funds!

  • So much for a nice community huh? I have been saving every penny I can. Was just a thought to see if the community would help out. Guess I was wrong to reach out.

  • @Ariess Mate...you joined this forum a month ago...You posted 8 posts and you ask us to give you $1000 and when refused you moan on us?We are here to help you when you have issues with Burst or support you whit your ideas to push B forward which will benefit us ALL.We are not your private piggy bank.

  • Maybe back in 2016 this could have been a good idea.

    Right now, with everything going on, it's just a bad time.

    Do you have any skills that you can offer, that can benefit the community?