I am Eugen from Italy, and I mining burst

  • Hello superfrends. I am new on this forum.
    I am happy to finde here a lot of friends.
    I mine burst. I am from Italy, near Venice.
    I use for moment 13 hdd , 60tb
    My problem is to plot more fast with GPU
    I use Lacie HDD 8 tb. This HDD use a SMA tecnology. Speed 132 for read and 42mbs for writte.
    So, I now that this hdd are good for mining, but I want to find a solution to plot with gpu.
    I hope that here I find a solution.

    I like to comunicate of telegram, whatapp, email.
    Thank you for acolience.

  • Welcome to Burst @eugenb77000 🙂

  • Hello @socalguy . You ask me for reward assignment to Burstcoin.party 8081. What it this ?

  • @eugenb77000 It is the way to set your miner to the .party pool. The way to set your miner is to visit http://pool.burstcoin.party:8081/

    Click on the [Set reward assignment] wording located in the orange rectangle, on the top let of the screen.

    Use only the bottom two input fields. The top is for your passphrase (pool owners do not log or know your passphrase), and the bottom is for the pools' id (BURST-PHJ5-JMZP-3EQQ-EAA2B)

    Once you've assigned your miner, wait for four blocks to pass on the pool. Then turn on your miner.

    When you start to see the sent, found, and confirmed wording on your miner, you are mining.


    .party pool payout cycle is 300 Bursts or within 24hours, whichever pays first.

  • Welcome to burst!