NEW! - | Burstcoin poker

  • Hey guys I was looking for a burstcoin poker site and could not find one so i created my own

    How to play:

    1. create an account
    2. open the yellow chat in the bottom right corner to start a deposit.
    3. join a table and have fun


    • Mobile friendly

    • 1 burstcoin = 1 chip

    • Chips are awarded after 4 confirmations

    • Secure server

    • Safe reliable poker software

    • Manual deposits and withdrawals

    If you have any feedback/improvements i could make i'd love to hear it [email protected]

  • Working on adding a bustabit crash game do you guys think that would be fun?

  • Awesome man! Good to see more of these sites coming up! Definitely helps to get the world some extra exposure and users 🙂

  • interesting , actually i'm working on POKER XD , a poker platform made for burst , Developed from A-Z to be used for and with burst, not a rented or pre-made script , totally from scratch one :). .. beta version should be out by 15th of july.

    how ever i wish you best luck with your project 🙂
    may also work together for a better platform , only one target >> a better Burst community .. best luck 😉

  • This post is deleted!

  • @phaseklan-0 Two Burst poker sites?! Have i died and gone to heaven. This will be unique this coin, worth dropping a line about it to Card Player, Bluff, Poker News etc.

    Meanwhile I'm at the site trying to make a deposit, no cashier online.

    Also 10-50 for a 1-2 game?! Should be at least 200

  • @phaseklan-0

    Excellent news. Outstanding.

  • @phaseklan-0 Since you didn't posted and I've searched the software before, I will put a resume of the software you are using although, I don't know wich version you are using atm... 😉

    I have looked at Briggs software before and it looked legit but it looked it had a really small scalability even in the pro version wich would only allow you to get hundreds of players with a fast server (specifications and bandwidth)... Although each license only can be used in one machine and cost 500$
    They have a shuffler code to prove the fairness of the deck in

    And generally the software seems really good if we ignore the scalability problem...

    Although I would like to play some and I can't see anyone in there to play some cards! xD

    Also @phaseklan-0 now I actually only see a blank page, it's down?