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    As you fellows will be able to tell when you get there. The subreddit needs a good dose of T.L.C.

  • @CHitbro

    Marketing wise, Burst has taken three hits in recent months, and this is a sad fact one cannot deny.

    To deal with problems we have to first confront them head on. Unfortunately, the most vocal people who at first championed Burst, talking about Crow and A.G. have damaged the coin. They have damaged it by being all over YouTube etc, then shitting on the coin with their dramatic acts of theft and denigration.

    I see on that Reddit, someone saying what is Burst ever going to be used for? Unfortunately, the asset side has become tainted by Crow, but it will survive if there are honest assets out there who carry on being honest and not scammers. Then we have the botnet issue, which will eventually be solved hopefully.

    We need to keep on developing, and creating a buzz around the coin, we need to keep on moving the coin forward through transactions, trading it, gambling with it, and helping newbies get started mining etc.

    Don't let the haters get you down, that's their problem. Marketing is a huge part of the coin, we need to make more YT videos, spread the word.

    Burst is pretty much the only eco friendly low cost mining coin that is the future in cryptocurrencies.

    Everyone on here has to do something, spread the word, translate into different languages, make videos, design wallets, code, graphics, or just post on Reddit forums giving honest decisive advice, let the coin speak for itself...Burst is a sleek coin, and is something of great value.

    We need to show quality, and value in BURST. Innovation and good marketing will repair the damage done by certain individuals.

    I believe in Burst.

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