ploting on sma drivers

  • Hi friends . I now that sms drivers are very slow for ploting.
    So, I ask you is posible to ploting the file on the non SMA driver, and after copy, paste the file on the SMA driver ?
    Somebody have experecces in this suject ?

    thank you friends

  • @eugenb77000 this is the right approach, exactly.

    When you are using a filesystem that makes frequent updates to designated metadata bitmaps (ntfs, most unix fs), then the drawback of SMR comes to light. If you are using a filesystem that uses copy-on-write mechanisms, then these areas are "never" overwritten, but appended into free space. Only when the filesystem gets full or has frequent deletions the effect sets in.

    However, plot to a standard PMR drive, and then copy over (or better yet, optimize) the plot to your cheap SMR drive. Have it freshly formatted, with no prior use.