Single or two pcs should I set this up?

  • My current plotting/mining machine setup is:

    Intel E3-1265L v3 (4c/8t) with intergrated gpu
    24 GB DDR3
    Corsair 850 watt ps
    W10pro booting off M.2 drive
    A simple 4 port PCI SATA card

    I have 4 - 5TB (plotted to 16TBs) 2 -3TB drives, unplotted in my NAS,
    2 - 1TB drives, 1 1TB SSHD, a 5TB external, and an additional 4TB external.
    which should yield around 38TBs for mining before adding any new HDDs.

    Do I split this up between my 1st and 2nd rig, leaving space to expand?

    2nd rig is an Intel G3258 w/ 8GBs DDR3 booting off of another M.2 60GB ssd.

  • Well, no help so far, I'll proceed and digress...

    Picked up 2x 3TB USB3 drives from frys today on special @57/ea => $19/TB.
    Plotting on PC #1 & #3 (Xeon 1225 v3 w/ 8gbs on thin ITX).
    Attempting 3TB plots 🙂 (is this good/bad/or indifferent compared to 3x1TB plots?)

    Added Rx 460 4GB to PC #1 for ETH mining / burst plotting

    any help/recommendations/ideas is appreciated

  • @burst.x You didn't receive any help, because you don't really need help. You have everything you need and only you can answer that question properly, as long as you have basic understanding of how computers and HDDs and plotting, etc. works. Which definitely seems like it.