XPlotter "Has Stopped Working" - Unable to Start XPlotter

  • Hello my favorite Burst community.

    I am trying to start plotting with Xplotter, however I am unable to get it up and running. As a background - I have 1 PC plotting drives left and right, however this 2nd PC is giving me difficulties and I am unsure of the issue. Basically as soon as I run the bat file, I receive (attachment error 1 - Please note I blacked out name in file extension and ending of burst address). I have watered down the system resources allocated to the plotter as well because I initially thought I was trying to use too much. As you can see I have it using only 1 core and 2GB of RAM. I have 7 cores and 6GB of RAM (system spec sheet attached).

    I am out of ideas and open to advice. Help!!

    Not sure if my images are showing up... but here are the hosting links to them:
    Error: https://ibb.co/cgdJza
    Specs: https://ibb.co/fOoRKa

    alt text alt text

  • admin

    @riceburner55 I don't think the i7-920 supports AVX. Try xplotter_sse.exe instead.

  • @haitch victory 🙂

    Thank you so much! Would never have thought to try that