Local Wallet Will not Start. Possible DB Corruption?

  • My online wallet is working fine but my local wallet has a problem. When I start it, I receive the following error:

    "Your local wallet hasn't started yet. It can take up to 10 minutes to start. Try again later. Please check that you have java installed! and the restart the burst client.

    If your local wallet doesn't start at all, you can cleanup the Database. Goto "Help" ->Cleanup DB "

    What I have done thus far:

    I have downloaded and installed java.
    The first time I had this problem, I cleaned up the DB using the help menu.
    I waited for one week for blockchain sync.
    I reassigned reward recipient to my local wallet and started mining.
    The mining seems to be going on fine but I cannot check my local wallet.

    Should I cleanup the DB again and wait another week to syn the blockchain?
    Is there another way?
    Will appreciate any help I can get. Many thanks!

  • close your wallet look for a blockchain download on this forum download the zip delete all existing files from blockchain folder extract downloaded archive to that folder then start the wallet. You should be good to go within the hour.

  • Many thanks

  • Meanwhile, is there a way I can know how much burst I have mined since my wallet is not starting?

  • Go to your online wallet.

    There's a major problem with the AIO wallet currently imo... especially local. Haven't got it up in almost a week. But there are always online wallets up if you ask, look around.

  • @crashcup firstly it can take time to catch up with blockchain updating to see your latest wallet info. however, there are 2 AIO wallets around ones from @daWaIlet the other is @Lexicon since i have had issues with dawallets; i have been using lexicons. Both are available from the downloads thread. Lexicons layout is much different in that the blockchain is saved in another location and there is no strapped installer to his distribution so you choose somewhere to unzip and execute the wallet from there.. if you use Lexicon's wallet, you will find the burst_db in a subdirectory to place the blockchain simular to dawallets butwhen you launch lexicons wallet you will se a command prompt pop up behind the GUI thats a separate process for local blockchain you will need to manually terminate it after your done with the GUI but you can also leave that command prompt run for local mining without a GUI. Here is a link for you that might also help you https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/1857/howto-fix-a-stuck-wallet

  • Will I receive the bursts I am currently mining in this new wallet if I install it? Or will they be lost?

  • wallets are like a terminal system that the coins are on the online server. you can delete your wallet on your pc the account and its coins are safe online. You just need to enter your passphrase into any burst wallet for access.

  • @crashcup you wallet is online

  • My local wallet is working fine now, Many thanks to y'all. What I did was to download the latest blockchain as suggested by ZapbuzZ. I also downloaded the latest java updates and everything is fine now. I can see my mining rewards in my local wallet.