Burstpool.site Cloudflare and ddos protected

  • Since the pool address changed I decided to make new thread. The old address points to the new one but you cant mine on old address.

    Last 24 hours made some more changes to the server to make it more secure. Only time will tell if it holds up. They are still trying!


    So looks like a long battle! I tell you they are sneaky they only want to make your wallet work harder.


    burstpool.site Port 8080

    I am not on the AIO wallet so the mining info has to be manually entered! Miner software must be the newest version!
    If you have problems connecting then come to chat someone will help!

    example Blago conf:

    "Mode" : "pool",
    "Server" : "burstpool.site",
    "Port": 8080,

    "UpdaterAddr" : "burstpool.site",
    "UpdaterPort": 8080,

    "InfoAddr" : "burstpool.site",
    "InfoPort": 8080,

    "EnableProxy": false,
    "ProxyPort": 8126,

    tross pool holds a Burst Bash every month plus a 2 pool Raffle ( Lexitoshi, tross pool)

    For more info just go to http://burstpool.site tab Burst Bash & Raffle!

    30daydl ftw

  • Losing connection again.

  • me too must be ddos my friend!

  • Friday at 3pm Germany time tross pool is closed! I will then open a private pool with secret address. I will accept as many people as I can but if I dont know you or cant verify you in anyway you will have to wait. I asked a couple miners to come and hope they can help me.

    I wanted a pool for everyone or anyone wishing to mine but that is being taken away from me. I did what they not do every month a Burst bash which started at 30k and has went down to 20k! Thats over $200 << I gave that to my miners! Unlike a lot of pools I was always online to ask or answer question. I helped develop the lexicon-uray code. That costed a pretty penny lol But loved every minute of it.

    But what I dont like is jealously and greed. The people now ddosing are doing it for a reason money. The hell with the community the hell with the coin all they want is to make a buck and leave. So I take a group of miners and leave the main stream. Yes my pool will get compromised! Dont worry I have a plan lol I will run a pool under the attackers nose and they cant stop me so F##k off!

    So Ddosers you won but then again maybe not lol WTF 30daydl ftw is going private!

    [email protected]

    Verification will be slow!

    Please find a good pool!

  • Domain name is bought and server being prepared. Tomorrow I look over emails and send a reply but like I said I cant accept everyone right away till I can verify who you are.

    [email protected]

  • Tomorrow I send out emails!!! I will also start paying out pending from my above ground pool! I will be paying all accounts that are above or about 40 burst.

    The private pool will start a little different than I planned but thats ok. The goal of the pool is to provide a ddos free environment. I dont really know why I was attacked I guess they were scared I would become too big and win a lot for the community. The private pool will have Burst Bash and anything I come up with. But what about the other pool? People are still mining so as long as they are there the pool stays open.

    I also found a big hole where a pool like mine could be ddos. Ok 1 win for me but there are other holes. I will search those holes and fill them all up. Then plan on returning to the real world!

  • Ok it looks like it is safe to mine at tross pool again ( http://burstpool.site) It looks as if attacks have stopped and the attacker found something better to do. Thursday night I found a big hole in my setup that invited mischief so maybe thats why it stopped!

    Bursh Bash is coming along slowly but surly! We are almost halfway! It would be nice if some my miners would come back!

    I configured Cloudflare the best I could with the free version. CSF firewall has also been configured to block that nasty hole I found.
    Another program used against bots was also configured. I am constantly looking for weak spots and will fix it to the best to my ability.
    Time to get smart like the attackers!

    I am working on the pending from last series of attacks and will expect to get done this week. Its not just the 200 miners who were last in the pool lol its a year worth of miners that were at the pool! All accounts over 40 burst will be paid manually.~~

    I noticed I am still being hit from a southern European country. I prepare my private pool!

  • I want to slowly move tross pool miners to private pool.

    [email protected] <<< apply to this email account.


    SEND ME EMAIL WITH MINER ADDRESS! [email protected]

    BURST-JGBV-U7YK-SWHM-4P4QS is known to too many people!
    Only person allowed to see all is lexicon.

    SEND ME EMAIL WITH MINER ADDRESS! [email protected]

    I will send you all what you need to join Renengade pool!

  • Static IP is no longer a requirement!

  • The pool closed an hour ago lol But I have more miners than this morning so what do we do?

    If someone has a server in Europe with good internet connection to use as a wallet server it would make it possible to keep both tross pool and Renegades running. Right I am short a wallet server and it gets tricky.

    I am not going to pull the plug on 124 miners but it would be nice if you migrate peacefully. I am still working on those pending that I promised to payout.

  • MOVE TO RENEGADE!!!! ASAP!!!!! Before its too late!

    CONTACT: [email protected]

  • Monday night 20:00 CET (berlin) tross pool will close I will pull plug!

  • 10 hr to merge to Renegades! Send miner address by email! [email protected]

  • Need to contact this miner BURST-QS84-5N5U-ZKAP-FLVZ3!!!!

  • @tross said in Burstpool.site Cloudflare and ddos protected:


    some sub acc from Name Robinzon

  • He is blocked till he contacts me. BURST-QS84-5N5U-ZKAP-FLVZ3!!!! [email protected]

  • tross pool aug 2016 - juls 2017 rip Pool closed!
    13'246'477 total burst earning for pool