Seagate ext 5TB drive partition disappeared (Fixed)

  • I had a partition disappear and now when the drive is plugged in windows is asking if I want to initialize it. Now I haven't yet and want to run it by you. I don't want to loose what I have on this drive (plots don't care about
    ). (Why my Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets were here and yeas had a backup too)
    The only thing I can think of is use a program to restore the mbr Currently Seatools is running long fix analysis and drive was good just do not initialize until you know why.

  • Fixed is how. (wasn't trying to save plots)
    Do not re-initialize the disk if the partition is lost.
    Windows Explorer or Disk Manager displays the first primary partition as raw (unformatted) and Windows prompts: The drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?
    [You should never do so without knowing why!]
    A logical partition is missing. In Windows Explorer, that logical drive is no longer available. The Windows Disk Management Console now displays only "unallocated space" where this logical partition had been located.

    Use a free program Testdisk. (Easeofus also can do this but for a price)
    If TestDisk is not yet installed, it can be downloaded from

  • i remember that program good call

  • Same disk decided to do the same thing again. Now using Testdisk to bring back the partition. Since then the 5TB drive is no longer under warranty and pulled the drive out. My next thought is replacing the controller board with with an Anker usb3.0 ext. controller and installing drive back into case.

  • @Burstde Success pictures will be coming in a day or so

  • intriguing how the disk is behaving.

  • it looks like someone doesn't like your burst mining if you know what i mean ... do you have people whom can use your pc? tell em to p155 0ff if it helps, however, i found some malware like activity namely the windows indexing service was running but all my files are off the indexer. I have since disabled it. It has to be deleted somehow they just can't self erase.

  • I think its bad because I changed how the drive was caching. The disk is fine but slow. I can cutout he case a little to accommodate the drive but i'm going to put it into the computer and take out a 3tb drive instead.

  • i wrote a 10 page like article in a message but yeah they are slow. The thing about seagate externals the disk is slow to write but the external sata electronics that plug into the disk include an enhanced buffer management that the disk doesn't. The disk can run outside its external enclosure for recovery purposes. The drive cache is only going to affect writing and if the disk is already plotted it shouldn't erase itself. Perhaps you can put a read only attribute to your plot? is your computer secured with password? you think someone knows your pass? yo could change it to see if the problem is outside the pc.

  • read only is a good idea