Solo vs Pool mining

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    @tross They won't be. The DL will the same whether you're mining solo or pool. You may be on a warm streak where you're getting a run of better than usual DL's, but over time there will be no difference.

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    I am new too and I did a few days solo mining, from my experience soloing I thought the same thing, but then on the second day it was completely nil
    ( No deadlines found solo) So I began reading forums and honestly the consensus is that it is random and almost seems somewhat luck based your computer is doing really in depth mathematics calculations to come up with the Burst Coin...IE Deadline so unless you're down there like TRON: cruising the motherboard jumping the circuits, resistors. Keyboard to ram WAIT.. CPU.. PROCESS... Hard Drive (Read/ Write) Deadline YES/ DeadlIne/ No.. HEHEE.. Who knows I like to look at it like finding burst is like RNG: Random Number Generator... It's a code designed to generate numbers as random as possible in order to make things more unpredictable to us in our minds it is of value/ LOOT we want more of it so we psychoanalyse, always wanting more and wanting to know why it is or Is not producing MORE. So for me bro, I just go with it, from what i understand it is random. Good Luck and weather you burst solo or in a pool, Just keep on Bursting.:)

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  • @haitch I agree DL should be the same anywhere you go. I think for some reason some of my DL wont confirm. I change the Target Deadline to match the pool . High deadline messages went away but not all DL confirmed,


    I was using the newest Blago miner. During this block I quickly ran an earlier version of the miner and it picked up the DL.

    Luck has a lot to do with mining I have learned that the last 6 months. But after so long of time you can tell when something isnt quite right.

    Later I will go back to US pool and let it run a day or so to try to prove myself wrong.

  • Ok I was sort of wrong. Today looks normal but yesterday wasnt. So yes it doesnt mater where you mine you get the same deadlines but when site or your connection is funny then it may be different.