Gpu plotting not working when using integrated gpu?

  • So I read people saying that not using your gpu that your plotting with as your display adapter can speed up plotting, so I went into my bios and changed my display over to my integrated gpu, i booted up and all seemed good, but when I ran the gpu plotter it wouldn't start, it would pop up and close in a flash. I checked my device manager to see if it was registered and it was showing it was working fine. I then tried to run the setup again to see if some of the device info changed but that would not start either. could this be something in the bios I have to change? or something else. also is just unplugging my monitor while im plotting the same thing? thanks!

  • I would say that if it was working and you changed something in your bios and it stopped that very well may be the root of the problem.

    With that though. I got nothing from the gpu plotter at all so I am speaking from ignorance here. If you had it running at all I would say it is not worth messing around in bios to get a bit more out of it. The amount of downtime from changing the settings and that will likely out weigh any benefit. The video card does VERY little work while your computer idles so unless you are playing games while its plotting you are unlikely to see more than a low single digit % increase. So not a solution to your question but my suggestion would be: Put everything back the way it was before and continue running it the way you were.