gpu plotting

  • cant find a download wit bat file

  • You create the bat file. You do this by creating a text file and renaming it from whatever.txt to whatever.bat.

    If you are trying the same one i tried all you put in it is: gpuPlotGenerator setup

    If you cannot see the file extensions ".txt", ".bat", ",exe" etc etc you can turn off "hide file extensions of known file types" in folder options if on windows.

    Alternatively you can hold shift and click in the folder and select "Start command prompt here" and then type that in on command prompt.

    Just a heads up though... I could not get that gpu plotter to run properly. Its also more indepth than xplotter. xplotter automatically optimizes for you from what I can tell.. That gpu plotter does not so you will have to do some math. Nonce size = 256kb btw.

  • @techhoss When you create the .bat file calling the gpuPlotGenerator setup, what shows up when you run it? I've been doing this and I'm not getting a the black and white setup screen that should follow...I downloaded v4.1.3 as well...

  • Well first make sure you do not have start.bat.txt.
    Make sure you are running the .bat in the same directory as gpuplotgenerator.exe

    You can try changing the .bat file to
    gpuPlotGenerator setup

    So that you can see if it throws an error. But in general it should pop up with a command prompt that has GPU plot generator v4.1.1 at the top.

    Also make sure you have the version for your platform e.i. you downloaded gpuPlotGenerator-bin-win-x64- and not gpuPlotGenerator-bin-centos-x64-

  • @techhoss Yeah dude, I got the bin.centos one and it doesn't work. To make matters worse, the files aren't zip files anymore and they're prompting an "cannot open, open with..." screen. I don't know what to do from here. Any suggestions?

  • admin

    @RSmith441 The Centos files are for Centos Linux - if you're on Windows stick with 4.1.1


  • admin

    @graveyardking321 64 Bit is preferable, 32 Bit seriously limits your options. And please turn off the capslock, thanks.

  • @RSmith441
    Pretty sure they were always 7z. In anycase the one you need is currently the third section down on the download page. You may have gotten the source?

    To open it you will need 7zip. You can get it from their website (google the name) or the installer from ninite:

  • @haitch @techhoss I did everything and now the cmd scene says 'gpuPlotGenerator' is not a recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. What should I do now? What am I doing wrong?

  • admin

    @RSmith441 Extract the 7z file to an easily accessible folder, eg c:\plotter

    Then do start -> run -> cmd <enter>

    This will open a command window, from there do: cd \plotter

    then run the gpuplotgenerator commands.

  • @haitch @techhoss Ok I finally have stuff initializing, but under the sentence "initializing generation contexts" an error message appears on the cmd screen and says "unable to open plots file." I'm trying to plot an 8TB Seagate external HD. My plotting batch file reads:
    gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer F://plots/numeric ID_0_30000000_20000
    My devices text reads: 0 0 1024 128 8192
    Any problems?

  • admin

    @RSmith441 The f:\plots directory exists? Also it should be F:\plots\numeric ID_0_30000000_20000

  • @haitch No I don't think the directory exists and that's probably the problem. What should I do from here?