Mining timing question

  • Hi, all. I'm new to the whole Burst scene, and have just gotten started mining in the last 24 hours. While watching the miner window I noticed that almost every block all of my deadlines were found and submitted in roughly the first half of the time the miner (latest Blago Miner, AVX2) is reading through my plots. Since I'm still plotting space, I'm mining with a single 8TB drive right now, connected via USB3. When a new block starts, it seem like my DL are always found in the first 15 seconds or so, but the entire scan doesn't complete until a little over 30 seconds. Is that normal? It will very occasionally find a DL in the latter hald of the time, but very infrequently.

    Part of the reason I'm concerned is that I created the plots on two internal 4TB drives for speed, then copied them individually to the plots folder on the external drive. It was way faster to do it that way since the external drive is an SMR drive, but the internals aren't. From all I've read that should work fine. My plots (created with xplotter) don't overlap and Miner reports 2 files found for 7.5TB when it starts up.

    Sorry if I'm being paranoid, I just want to make sure I haven't messed something up and that what I'm seeing is expected behavior rather than assume it is, only to find out down the road I've been missing half my data or something.


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    @good-ham the miners submit increasingly better deadlines. Your initial deadlines are probably pretty bad, but then the miner keeps finding better ones. As the better ones are found, the chance of finding an even better one diminishes. So yes, it's normal to find more deadlines in the early phase than the latter phases.

  • Thanks, @haitch . Makes sense.