BURST buy order volume

  • burst by volume on polo has dwindled significantly over the last few days...buy orders are only at 68 BTC...anyone else find this alarming?

  • @theduuude I find it ...interesting....

    right now, it would be hard to get out of a big position without moving the price a lot down.

    perhaps the lower volue and price is related to crowetic leaving, perhaps not many ppl want to buy in expensively in case some burst is planned to be sold in relation to winding down stuff.

    i, for one, don't have any limit orders in, i'm in a wait and see mode, i don't want to risk being a bagholder in the short term. i don't want to be run over by selling pressure from people leaving burst.

    if this is a shortterm blip (and i think it is) great trading opportunities are building up.

    As I reemember it, before bitsler was announced, we came from 600+, turned around in the 380s before shooting for 800. ( these numbers are from memory, so i could be off 100 or more)