Noob Questions - Multiple mining comps, Slow Read times etc.

  • Hello,
    Pretty new around here was able to rtfm for most of this but there were a couple of things that came up along the way.

    First I have multiple comps running burst miners (old media server, gaming computer, shop computer). As far as I can tell my old media server and gaming computer are working just fine setting my gaming proxy to true and putting its lan address for the server/update/info. Still waiting for my media pc to have a DL on a block my gaming does not to confirm. The issue is my shop pc cannot seem to connect the same way using my wan address. Port has been forwarded and I checked to make sure I didn't fat finger anything but the miner just freezes at startup and the log file spams cannot connect. Is there something that wisdom woulda helped with here or just try it again? (Known issues?)

    Second I have a network drive plotted but its only reading at 8.6mb/s greatly increasing the time stamps. Do they matter? the @ Sec.tS at the end of the plot file? I have gigabit and xfer speeds to and from the drive are much higher than 8.6mb/s (tested) is this normal or is there something I need to fix on my end?

    I was going to ask if i was doing something wrong because all my deadlines were 4-7 days but as I was typing this you named me your best miner 🙂 with 1hr, 30 min so I guess it was just luck/plot size.

    And finally... plotting... I am looking at around 1day per TB on my gaming PC and about 1.6 days per TB on either of my other ones. Anyway to speed this up? Is that normal?

    Thanks in advance and sorry about the long winded post.

  • @techhoss
    Try using a different port such as 8124 or something.
    Port forward. Firewall disabled. Static IP address are 3 main requirements. Also, check how fast your Upload/Download speed is.

    Read speed... not sure how important it is but I care about it a lot. AFAIK it doesn't affect your DL's but sometimes it does I think?
    Since it's a network drive. If you have access to the actual physical drive itself, defrag the hard drive. Also, turn on write caching in the Policies tab of your hard drive in the Devices Manager. That helps a lot.
    Also make sure if possible update your Blago miner to the latest version and try using _AVX2. If your CPU doesn't support it, use the highest one possible that your CPU supports. This will help A LOT if you can use AVX2.

    Plotting; Defrag hard drive. Turn on write caching. Make sure your CPU is fast as well as your HDD. Make sure there aren't any heavy CPU/Read/Write tasks going on in the background. I heard RAM is not very important but to be sure, try freeing up some Memory so the plotter can use it.

  • Had already set the proxy port and the address port appropriately
    "EnableProxy" : true,
    "ProxyPort" : 8154,

    Media server:
    "Mode" : "pool",
    "Server" : "",
    "Port" : 8154,

    "UpdaterAddr" : "",
    "UpdaterPort" : 8154,

    "InfoAddr" : "",
    "InfoPort" : 8154,

    "EnableProxy" : false,
    "ProxyPort" : 8126,

    I posted the one for local network because well... I don't really want to post my external IP but thats the same as the one for my shop outside of the ip. The port is forwarded and the firewall rule added. I do have a static IP both external and internal. My up/down is more than sufficient for just about anything.

    I plugged it in via usb to my computer and was still getting very slow speeds.. Caching in the policies tab was dead on though. All problems fixed on the read speeds.

    Switching to AVX2 also gave me ~30% faster read times

    As for the speeds mattering what i was thinking that if it takes you 30s to find a 20s deadline you would be beat by the person who found a 40s deadline in 5s... but i do not know.

    Defragging wont help in this case all of the drives are freshly formatted ntfs. As for the miner version I was just using the one bundled with burst wallet and it appears to be the latest. I just copy pasted the folder onto a pendrive and that's what I was using on other computers.