Attraction (Shadow Theatre Group) 1st Audition Britain's Got Talent

  • Most of the time in this type of programs does not look more than trash but sometimes appears something that is worth it

  • @Energy That is something?! For real... Loved it
    In my country got talent is pretty rare to have some presentations that just blow you away...

  • @gpedro The got talent here in spain is issued by a TV chain that is considered TV-junk and almost spend more time showing the idiots crap that the jurors put that to those who act, so I do not see it

  • @Energy said in Attraction (Shadow Theatre Group) 1st Audition Britain's Got Talent:

    The got talent here in spain is issued by a TV chain that is considered TV-junk

    But there are other type of TV channels issuing the this kind of shows? Here in Portugal we only have 4 big TV companies and all of them are TV.junk mostly LOL
    Actually in here the TV company issuing the Got Talent is one from the Government (RTP1) wich is actually the best of the 4 but a lot of TV junk too, specially in the news hahah

  • @gpedro Here there are 5 big channels, one is the public television and then 2 belong to a group and two to the other, the smaller channels of each group are dedicated more to discuss political issues, TV series, movies and some other documentary.

    But there is a channel that we call here Tele 5, which is the one that issues the majority of these contests and is the one that has programs dedicated to the press of the heart, or press pink or as shit is said in English lol

    In the other big channel what they emit for example is one that is called your face sounds to me, but it is a program where famous people will imitate to known singers, compete among themselves but the prize they donate to an NGO.

    But let's go I'm not an expert on TV, apart from documentaries, movies, series and sports the rest I have left

  • @Energy Yeah I don't really use to watch TV anymore... Actually one of the channels is from a spanish group LOL
    TVI was bought some years ago from some company that I don't recall atm but is a spanish one xD

  • @gpedro Mediaset or a3media are the 2 large groups that control most chains, as well as newspapers or editorials.
    I remember when here in Spain there were only two channels, the 2 publics, and then you did not have another to see what they put or not see, but now there are 60 channels and the variety is still the same, the film they have put today In one channel tomorrow they put it in another and everything like that.

    Where there is music on the television

  • @Energy Yeah I know what you mean... We have more than 140 channels working on the monthly TV services to the ISP but most of the channels are externals like MTV, Hollywood, FOX, AMC, and other stuff but all the national ones there are some small that do somethings nice every now and then but the 4 most common and the only ones available without paying for TV are almost just junk-TV and sensationalist news on the news blocks... Most of the days you just almost kill yourself of so much laugh as of they are being so noticed and they still do it anyways and it just keeps working LOL
    Also we have an ex-Prime Minister that stole millions from the country some years ago and now just do politics commenting on public TV news blocks LOOOL You may have heared of him (José Socrates)...
    Regarding the spanish group is Prisa and I just found out that they should be selling it again this summer (It's in Portuguese but you should be able to understand i think xD):

  • @gpedro I get curious and I watched the one who bought the television is the group Prisa, but it is dedicated more to the radio and the newspapers, here it only had a channel, the channel +, but it no longer has it sold it to movistar, so Has more televisions in your country than in my lol.

    That's if you have 1,200 radio stations all over the world

  • @Energy And it seems that they are trying to sell it soon too lol
    I just don't get why would the prime minister even get involved in this if TVI is not a public channel but yeah you know, one more shit that we have to let him do it... He didn't even won the elections LOL He pulled a small Frank Underwood play from the old book and got the presidency xD
    What can we do? I lived for almost one year in galicia and when a politian do something that he should not really do, he gets punished... In here we let him get away for a couple of years and then even get him a job in a public channel hahaa
    In here politians don't are afraid of anyone because no one really do nothing besides complaining... There in spain every once in a while a politian says shit and have a surprise of a couple of people at their doorstep so they get scared they can get beated or killed if they do or say something really bad... We should learn a bit from you Spanish on this one tbh...

  • @gpedro In what part of Galicia? I have lived here all my life and I do not see it.
    The political party that most cases of corruption has in the courts is the PP, and it is the one that is ruling in Spain, here in Galicia is also ruling and less bad that have seemed new parties and have lost power in some regions.

    It happens to me with politicians as with religions, I do not believe in them.
    They lie like scoundrels and their faces do not fall from shame.

    The selling and public participation is very simple, here the same thing with the garbage collection or the water service that were previously public and now are private that if with a participation of the municipality in this case.
    They do this because they do not want to lose their share of the pie and also give a part to their friends, entrepreneurs, but is that also are companies with a public participation can apply for grants that a private company could not.

    I have seen the company's new garbage collection trucks in garages that belonged to the town hall of my city and when I asked the employees they told me that as the town hall had not spent a grant that came from European funds they had bought the trucks for no Having to return it and now they gave the trucks to the company.

  • @Energy I lived near Deba river in Cañiza but left 3 years ago... I had heared a lot of threats to politians when I lived in there and they backing off by clearly showing fear and that is something that simply don't exist here in Portugal... Imagine your country with a couple of chrysis going on and the prime minister Antonio Costa takes his vacations?! Where have you seen this shit? A politian in Portugal just acts if they own the country and that is not true but people just complain about it and no one do nothing... I don't like politics either?! being the persons or the "science" LOL not because I don't think that are some good politians that actually want to do good and not really act for themselfs, but those get either corrupted by the power as they grow or are manipulated and blackmailed like pawns...
    In here almost don't exist corruption cases just because they are not even pursued or delayed until ever...