• Hello all, I've had a lot of conversations going, and lots of issues with payout systems, I have a new script written now, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    The last payout will include...

    BURSity - 3 week combined payout

    UniBURST - 2 week combined payout

    BSILVER - 3 week combined payout

    WorldMine - 3 week combined payout

    this will all happen on the 10th of July. 3 days from now.


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  • I sold all of your assets after Adam gives me a warning im happy i just get out after and before you scammed us ! And now you are going to scam new victims on the BTS exchange ..... what a life!

  • After BN gave you the boot you come running back here with your tail between your legs and lead us to believe your working on making things right. We buying the Uniburst asset at 20 plus per share because some of us still had a tiny bit of faith in you. And what do you do? you fucking close all your assets out of no where so that you can steal all the equipment and offer us peanuts.

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  • @crowetic this is dividend payouts?

    what about the buyback prices? what is the plan there?

    @Dillion say what you really think! lol...

  • 3 times a weekly payment doesnt make up for the shit buyback

  • @Dillion as many ppl thought i was a being a ass about these guys when they got the boot over there and ended up back here, and that i was just creating FUD by not trusting them.

    @crowetic if you had not went right into sell mode after the POLO crap went down this situation would not gotten so ugly.

    if you EVEN care this is your last chance to make it all "ok" or evensemi OK as you leave...eventually BTS or whatever you do next is going to see all these threads as you cant lock them as you did at bitcointalk.

    I do not know you and I hope you do the right thing, but it truly looked like a desperate attempt to get some quick $$ before your exit because desperate ppl do desperate things, prove me and everyone wrong...

  • @darindarin let see if he had some time to think and do the right thing...

    balls in his court now

  • Call and let them know Jason Crowetic owner of Crowetic Computers LLC scammed you out of computer equipment you helped pay for that he was supposed to host. Instead of hosting the equipment in exchange for a fee like what was agreed upon he is up and stealing all the equipment. Need many investors calling. If only me they can ignore or put it on the back burner but if many call and complain they'll get to looking into what he's got going on.

    Better Business Bureau
    Non-Profit Organization
    Las Vegas, NV
    (702) 320-4500

  • Also File a scam alert online.

    Department of Business and Industry
    Nevada Consumer Affairs

  • Where is crowetic taking his assets btw?

  • Banned

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  • @crowetic Before you do the payout will you please send me 5k Bursity in exchange for the 5k Byteent I sent you last week?

    Thanks man.

  • @goodplanets Sill no answer on the burstsity buy backs bro. Could end up just as worthless as the byteent...

  • @goodplanets you have been [email protected] has stolen from you and the rest of his investors

  • @mikejoe i don't believe that. and I refuse to contribute to the hatred of @crowetic.

  • @goodplanets well i got a bridge for sale...I'd call what crow is doing theft...what do you call it

  • Banned

    Once upon a time there was a Frog and a Scorpion both are best friends. Frog wants to cross a river, Scorpion wants to help him but Frog afraid if he poision him like he poision everyone when he sit on his back while crossing river, but Scorpion made him Believe that he is his best friend why he poision his best friend, So frog trusted him as his best friend and sit over his back. Both crosses river and in last Scorpion Poisioned Frog while Dieing Frog asked Scorpion you are my best friend i trusted you why you Poision me. Scorpion replied while crying i dont want to poision you but its in my nature its in my blood to poision everyone i have no control over it!!

    Moral of story--Even trust your enemy it maybe profitable,but never trust a scammer who scammed before he will scam you even if he dont want to coz scamming is in his nature!!

  • @goodplanets - of course I will man. Don't worry.

    @Dillion - you can call and lie to whomever you'd like... but if you read the description of the asset launch, you're going to realize that all of the hardware for the assets was owned pre-launch by base investors, and you were only purchasing a share in the mining income, without power fees.