Civil War

  • Civil War started in my country. I'm afraid I can't be online and active much here. I still will answer questions etc but I'll be able to answer late. Sorry about this.

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    @moonjeina Stay safe. Burst can wait.

  • Stay safe our thoughts are with you

  • sorry for that. we will remember you in prayers.

  • @moonjeina sorry your country is at war, you are in our thoughts and prayers

  • For now things being normalized.

  • @moonjeina Yes and that's a good thing but now your president seems to be looking for to take control of much power that a lot of people seems to think it's too much to one person only... What's the community thoughts in there? If you want to talk about it... I'm assuming that we can only watch on TV what he want us to watch?!

  • The government announced martial law for 3 months now. Suspended democracy for save the democracy. -.- To be honest, democracy is what they DON'T want.
    Actually you watch and see more than us can see because there is no press freedom here. I mean, TV and newspapers can only show what the dictator wants. For example 3 years ago, there was a big protests in streets against the governments. During the protests, almost all TV channels was showing penguin documentary, instead of news about the protests. 😃 We watch and learn from foreign TVs about whats going on in this country.
    Community thoughts.. The nation divided completely. 50% of the nation just follows the dictator blindly. They support "presidental system". Since this country founded, the regime is "republic" and the president is "president of republic". But now Erdoğan wants to change the regime like USA presidental system, so he will be above justice department. 50% of the nation supports this because Erdoğan want this. Presidental system is not the main goal, when he become president, next step is change the constitution completely; from democratic secular system to islamic shariah system. So, with this 50% uneducated, full-ignorant people, he has really much power.
    The other 50% (I am in this half) wants secular and democracy system, with freedom. I mention freedom, because the police can arrest me now just because of this post.
    Since the (fake) coup, so many people suspended, especially in education departments as the president hate educated people.

  • Here is the numbers of suspended people.
    Department of Prime Ministry: 257
    Ministry of the Interior: 8,777
    Ministry of Education: 36,200
    Department of Higher Education: 1,577 Dean (University Facult Deans)
    Ministry of Family: 393
    Ministry of Religion: 492
    Ministry of Finance: 1,500
    MİT (National Itelligence Agency): 100
    EPDK (Chamber of Arrangement of Energy Markets): 25
    Judges / Prosecutors: 2,740

    As you see that military coup was just fake, an excuse. By using that fake coup, the dictator made a coup to the democracy. The most suspension bring onto education.

    Not long ago some minister was said: "We can't rule this country while educated people living in the country."
    Just 2 days ago, an "imam" (an islamic rank like "father" in Christian religion) said prayer to Allah (God): "Our Allah, save us from educated people!"... The dictator was there and as we see he supports that imam.

    Result: There are so many things to write but it won't be enough even if I write pages and pages. Briefly, the Turkish president hate Turkish people and he want to transform this country into Arab country and have non-educated modern slaves.

  • @moonjeina Yes this as given a pretty good picture of what's really happening down there. I'm sorry that you and all your country are passing through this!
    The last thing that i'd wanted to do is put you in danger, but really the Internet is the really one media that can't be controlled yet, if we feel this in democratic and "free" countries, i can't imagine what is like in one country that is dictatorial-like because i don't have been lived when happens in my country but even that i imagine that Salazar was not so bad compared with a lot of dictators or "dictators" that we see today. Yes that's two because dictators rule in dictator regime and the others uses the ignorancy and uneducation of the people for rule with a dictator regime disguised!
    My thoughts are with you bro...

  • Thank you for the good wishes 🙂

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    European people and turkish friends of mine suffering with you. Good that you have some knowledge of crypto and it can maybe help you through this hard times. You can send encrypted messages through Burst, even when they take down the visible Internet. You can make a Crowdfund to give us as a community the possibility to support you. You can make up a sentence in your head as a passphrase for your account... So they won't find a trace of it.
    I know this won't save your country but it can be an useful tool.

    I wish you the best.

  • @moonjeina What telling Turkish media about 14 disappeared warships?
    I live near you (closely to Chechnya), and i understand what meaning terroristic islam, i saw two Chechen Wars.

  • @daWallet Thank you for the suggestions. Actually, encrypted messages helps a lot. For now CF not needed but I will make one if things start to go worse.

    @Blago I searched national newspapers and agencies and I found only 2 news about it. Due to lack of freedom of press, the news are like this: "Greece and England accusing that there are a dosen of warships disappeared but it is lie. All world trying to show our country as bad and trying to manipulate by showing our world leader as a monster."

    Notice the "world leader" words? Just a big LOL. World leader my ass.. -.-

  • Bomb explosion in my city. 2 people injured. Police started to investigate.

  • Heh.. Ok, it is not terrorist attack, but just a propane tank exploded... I see how people became paranoid because of all that attacks before, even when a celebration with fireworks we jump scare.. -.-

  • @moonjeina that's true, I went near a celebration with fireworks and my friends, and I didn't know about.

    When the first one was fired, most people jumped scared and even some cried and ran, a chance we noticed when the firework was going into the sky, if not I will run too, seeing other people scared like that -.-'

  • @daWallet I'm almost completed the project for funding based on CrowdFunding idea with difference. When I complete coding it, I'll need your help to review and spread. 🙂

  • @moonjeina funding what man?

  • @gpedro like crowdfunding but not "funding the CF creator", but people funding each other. It's hard to explain with my English. Today or tomorrow it will be completed and uploaded, then you can see. 🙂