Error: Failed to 'getRewardRecipient' for pool info: {"errorDescription":"Unknown account","errorCode":5}

  • Hi.
    I am newbie to burst.

    I've plotted 256GB, and started mining with pool.
    I have performed the reward assignment as described at their site.

    However, when I start mining, the error in topic is shown, and then later on the following error is shown:

    Error: Submit nonce to pool not successful: {"result":"Passphrase is for a different account","requestProcessingTime":0}

    What did I do wrong?
    The only thing I am thinking about, please tell me if this is not OK, I have plotted the 256GB plot on one physical hard drive, and then just moved the file to another one.

    I saw, that the plot file starts with my account numeric ID.
    I have a local wallet, which is 100% synced.

    Thanks in advance.