Error creating stream for file..

  • I've got 3 other plots done previously and i just added a 2 bay NAS and would like to start plotting and i encountered this error.

    XPlotter v1.0 for BURST
    programmers: Blago, Cerr Janror, DCCT

    Checking directory...
    Drive t:\ info:
    Name: Volume_1
    File system: NTFS
    Serial Number: 2235238304
    Bytes per Sector: 512
    Sectors per Cluster: 2
    Error creating stream for file t:\burst\plots\xxxxxxxxxx

    I've not encountered this while i was plotting the previous plots.

    Any idea?

  • admin

    @Onesimus I was going to say it was because the volume was not NTFS, then saw that it was. Assuming that the t:\burst\plots directories exist, and create them if they don't, I can only assume that it's an issue with it being NAS rather than DAS.

  • i've got 2 other plots that were plotted that are NAS. So i know it works but i'm not sure why this doesn't work now.