GPU auto plotting script

  • this is a script i wrote to automatically write smaller plots with the gpu plotter. this way if the computer crashes or power fails for any reason, i can go delete the last plot and start from there, and i haven't lost much time. it will calculate your stagger based on your plotsize, and warn you if it divides into a decimal, it makes sure your number of nonces is divisible by your plotsize. my preferred method is to use nice even numbers, then do the last little bit on the hard drive manually. enter your values in the top 7 SET lines only and remember to replace my address with yours. if you think of any additions i can add, let me know, and if you like my script, feel free to send me a coin.

    @echo off
    SET /A plotstart=0
    SET /A plotend=30000000
    SET /A plotsize=100000
    SET /A maxstagger=5000
    SET plotfolder=F:/
    SET burstaddress=9572823378476421444
    SET plottype=direct

    SET /A maxstagger1000=%maxstagger%*1000
    SET /A stagger=%plotsize%
    SET /A stagger1000=%stagger%*1000
    goto calculatestagger

    echo stagger was calculated as %stagger%
    echo your inputs are %plottype% %plotfolder%/%burstaddress%%plotstart%%plotsize%%stagger%
    echo you are plotting from %plotstart% to %plotend% a total of %numberofplots% plots of %plotsize% will be written
    echo press any key to start
    @echo on
    gpuplotgenerator generate %plottype% %plotfolder%/%burstaddress%
    SET /A plotstart=%plotstart%+%plotsize%
    if %plotend% LEQ %plotstart% goto finished
    goto plot

    SET /A amountp=%plotend%-%plotstart%
    SET /A numberofplots=%amountp%/%plotsize%
    SET /A numberofplotscheck=%numberofplots%*%plotsize%
    if %numberofplotscheck% NEQ %amountp% goto failednumberofplots
    goto verify
    if %stagger% LEQ %maxstagger% goto wholenumbercheck
    SET /A stagger=%stagger%/2
    goto calculatestagger

    if %stagger1000% LEQ %maxstagger1000% goto compare1
    SET /A stagger1000=%stagger1000%/2
    goto 1000dec
    SET /A staggerquo=%stagger%*1000
    if %stagger1000% EQU %staggerquo% goto preplot
    goto failedcheck
    echo your stagger calculated to a non whole number. try using plots and plotsize that are divisable by 10 or try raising stagger
    echo exit and change setup.
    goto eof

    echo YOUR plotend of %plotend% and your # of plotsize %plotsize%
    echo are not divisable into a whole number.
    echo plotend must be able to divide evenly by plotsize
    echo exit and change setup
    goto eof

  • @cryptobadger im unsure why there is a dark box over my :1000dec area, but it is part of the file, please make sure to copy the whole thing.

  • admin

    @cryptobadger Nice script. Thanks for sharing. I fixed the formatting issue for you.

  • @haitch thank you, i appreciate it.