Is the online wallet down?

  • Just wondering if there is an issue with online wallets atm? not showing the transaction from this morning and is 504. I am assuming those two things are tied together and its not a thing. My local wallet is correct from what I can tell. Just making sure its not an issue on my end that I need to address.

    Edit I suppose any sort of useful details would have helped

    Sender Public Key: 01819849112da18b881e64d04f832bf27fb12bd258908e96e600070eba076028
    Fee NQT: 1 BURST
    request_processing_time: 0
    Type: 0
    Confirmations: 56
    Version: 1
    ec_block_id: 11286651990212853373
    Subtype: 0
    Amount NQT: 16.03321245 BURST
    Sender: 11894018496043975481
    Recipient RS: You
    Recipient: You
    ec_block_height: 379882
    Block: 15184545138215518689
    Block Timestamp: 91876383
    Deadline: 1440
    Timestamp: 91875932
    Height: 379892

    Removed a couple of hashes.... 99% sure there is no sensitive info but meh ima error on the side of caution