local wallet consistently times out

  • I've been having this happen consistently while trying to run local wallet:

    alt text

    Any trouble shooting advice?

  • Looking more closely, I see in the console

    nxt.enableUIServer = "false"
    User interface server not enabled

    Does that mean anything? I doubt it, as I didn't mess with any settings after grabbing a fresh download from the github.

    When I'm lucky enough to connect, the Windows online wallet says it's still syncing the chain (past couple days). Using the "local" version of the Windows wallet, I see "An unknown error has occured" after logging in.

    I have several TB waiting to mine with, but I can't access any wallets to set reward assignments! Any ideas for troubleshooting?

    I have:
    Cleared browser caches/cookies
    Re-download clean blockchain DB
    Try multiple wallet sw's.

  • @IncludeBeer yes thats for old user interface :)

  • @LithStud Ok, so that's not the cause for my inability to connect without timeout errors...

  • @IncludeBeer as far as i can tell for some reason your burst clients API crashes (in cmd window it should appear as

    WARNING: Could not send response error 500: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not in transaction

    myself i have no idea why it happens.

  • @LithStud Well, thanks for narrowing it down a little for me. I was expecting to see something in the cmd window also after the UI shows timeout, but I get no such messages, warning, or error.

  • @IncludeBeer in that case look whats in console if there is any errors reported. If using Chrome its Dev Tools (Ctrl + Shift + I). If there is none go to network tab and watch what is going on with requests they should be getting rejected (or timedout, 30s hard limit to get response).

  • This is my first post on this site. Just started with Burstcoin but have mined other coins for a long time. Either the Burst Coin client for Windows v0.3.9.7 is crap or I haven't set something up correct. Lots of intermittent connection issues. Can't sync the blockchain. Have been trying since Saturday morning with both local ond online wallets. Have 5TB I want to mine with.

    Is there other Burst Coin wallets made by third party. Any help would be appreciated.